LinkedIn Influencers Q&A & Microsoft Livestreaming Video

Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 153

BL and David discuss the new LinkedIn Influencer Q&A videos; Microsoft’s acquisition of Beam’s livestreaming video technology, #SaveTwitter, Facebook’s clickbait filter; Donald Trump’s perpetual recurring online donations; The Gap’s sexist ads; Facebook Live video ads; Petnet’s dumb SmartFeeder; a bear-in-the-house video that went viral; Google AMP for everyone; the FTC’s influencer crackdown; Facebook’s Area 404; Facebook video ad publishing tools; The World’s Biggest Asshole; Netflix’s Stranger Things 360 trailer; and much, much more.

Worst Digital Cases

HOAX – Twitter is shutting down #SaveTwitter

Social media started buzzing with the hashtag #SaveTwitter early on Thursday, with more than 100,000 tweets mentioning the hashtag by early afternoon. The story turned out to be a hoax, and Twitter stock rose.

And then there was BuzzFeed reporter Alan White with 11.7 followers, who figured it all out 🙂

Trump’s Infinite Auto-Donations

Donald Trump supporters can donate to the Republican’s presidential campaign using automatically recurring donations via credit card. They just can’t stop them once they’ve started. Ever.

The Gap Misspells “Einstein” in Sexist Ad

An emailed Gap ad in the UK featured a boy in a t-shirt with an image of Albert Einstein, which was captioned “the little scholar.” Below the “little scholar” was an image of a girls’ tee, captioned “the social butterfly”.

Sexist Gap Ad


Facebook Live Video Ads

Facebook is testing a new ad format in which sponsored videos can be inserted into Facebook Live streams in what are essentially 15-second commercial breaks.

Internet of Things Starves Pets

A glitch on in the $149 Petnet SmartFeeder, an IoT device for iOS that can be pre-programmed to dispense food to pets at certain times of the day. The server that runs the system failed for about 10 hours, and was later restored. But a media storm ensued.

The takeaway: always have redundant servers as backup. Doh!


There’s A Bear In The House

Californian Rodney Ginn managed to capture video footage of a mama bear…in his house! And of course, the Internet went wild.

Mama Bear Charges Rodney Ginn

Bear In Home

Best Digital Cases

Facebook Opens “Area 404” Digital Lab to Create the Future

The days of Facebook focusing strictly on social services are long gone — this is a general tech company where physical products are equally important to its future.

Google AMP Rolls Out For Everyone

Google is now planning to show AMP links everywhere in its mobile search results — that is to say, in a place that probably drives a lot of traffic to your site.

World’s Biggest Asshole – World’s Best Ad

Coleman Sweeney is the world’s biggest asshole. Rude to everyone and their dog. Breaks all protocol. But then he dies. And he’s not an asshole anymore.

Facebook’s Clickbait Algorithm

Facebook will start to filter out all those And You Won’t Believe What Happened Next… headlines from your newsfeed.

FTC Cracking Down On Paid Influencer Posts

The FTC will put the onus for adequate disclosure on advertisers rather than the social media stars doing the actual posting. The agency says brands and the social media stars who promote their products need to be more transparent about sponsored content

LinkedIn Finally Boards The Video Train

LinkedIn has finally rolled out a video feature but unfortunately for you, it is currently limited to LinkedIn Influencers, for now.

LinkedIn Influencer Q&A Videos

Facebook Adds New Publisher Tools For 360 Video

Since Facebook started rolling out 360 videos last September, more than 250K 360 videos have been uploaded.

This week they introduced two new tools for creators: Guide and Heatmap.

Netflix’ First Foray Into VR Storytelling

Netflix has demonstrated how to use virtual reality to tell a story in a creepy two minutes of a Stranger Things trailer. It’s best viewed using a VR headset like Google Cardboard or Gear VR.

Stranger Things – Virtual Reality

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Shiny New Stuff

Sender Score

Sender Score measures your domain name or IP address in terms of email reputation. Just go to the site and create a free account.

Internet Archive Wayback Machine

What goes online, stays online. Here’s where to find it.

Vern: The Himalayas

Google has released a mobile phone game built on Google Maps imagery that allows you to hike around Mount Everest and learn about the Himalayas.

WordPress Plugin To Find Broken Links

Photocritic School

Free 17-session online course in photography. The creators’ goal is to teach photography to 100,000 people in 2016. Lessons are sent and then critiqued via email.


Types Of Online Harassment

Types Of Online Harassment [INFOGAPHIC]


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