Pink Floyd Returns For Ukraine

Pink Floyd Returns For Ukraine & YouTube Reacts

Episode 375 – April 9, 2022


  • Pink Floyd Returns to Urge, Hey, Hey, Rise Up
  • YouTube Reactions
  • AdAge on Web3 for Marketers
  • Podcasts On Twitter
  • Twitter Edit Button
  • Formula One NFTpocalypse
  • Voice-Activated Images
  • AI Salespeople
  • The Mother of all Facebook Lawsuits
  • Podcast Consumption

During episode 375, BL and David discuss Pink Floyd reuniting for Ukraine; YouTube experiments with reactions; AdAge educates marketers on Web3; podcasts on Twitter; Twitter’s edit button; Fortune 1’s NFTpocalypse; voice-activated graphic design; AI salesforce; the mother of all Facebook lawsuits; podcast consumption; and much, much more.

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Best Practices

Pink Floyd Reforms To Support Ukraine

Pink Floyd has not released new music in 28 years. The result is Hey Hey, Rise Up!, a new single by Pink Floyd.

YouTube Reactions

YouTube is now experimenting with timed reactions that let you share emoji at an exact moment in a video.

Ad Age Goes Bravely Into NFTs & The Metaverse

Ad Age runs a continuously updated list of how brands and marketers are using NFTs.

Twitter Podcast Tab

New Twitter test underway that would provide a dedicated tab for podcasts, reachable via both in the side and lower function bars of the app.

#Twitter is working on Podcasts 👀— Alessandro Paluzzi (@alex193a) March 2, 2022

Worst Practices

Do you want an edit button?— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) April 5, 2022

Twitter Edit Button

It seems that Elon Musk is looking to use his newfound sway as the company’s biggest shareholder (and latest board member) to make tweet editing a reality.

Formula 1 NFTpocalypse

Hello, and welcome to another episode of ‘dumb crypto stuff not working in the real world’.

New Technology Could Make Graphic Artists Of Us All – Or Turn Us Into Scammers

New technology that blends language and images could serve graphic artists – and speed disinformation campaigns.

AI Salespeople

LinkedIn is being used to deploy an AI-generated salesforce.

The Mother Of All Facebook Lawsuits

!!! Friday Night Surprise. Plaintiffs just filed their response to Facebook in my favorite case – what I call the mother of all lawsuits – in Delaware where it’s incorporated. It’s a tight but absolutely delicious 120 pages so I’ll break down the allegations here for you. /1— Jason Kint (@jason_kint) April 9, 2022

Shiny New Stuff

B.L.’s Finds

David’s Finds

  • CallRail – Phone call tracking for broadcast advertising CTAs

Pro Tips

B.L.’s Pro Tips

How to see and edit your scheduled or draft tweets

  1. Tap and hold the Tweet button and they will appear. You can edit or delete and start over on any one of the Tweets.
  2. To save a Tweet as a draft: Start typing a tweet. Tap “Cancel” in the upper left hand corner to reveal a pop-up. Tap the “Save draft” option instead of deleting it

David’s Pro Tips

  1. Do NOT use the same music clip for every video in your hours-long online course!
  2. When creating maps about Russia’s war against Ukraine illustrating Ukrainian counteroffensives in powder blue makes them look like lakes.
MSNBC's Clint Watts uses confusing Ukraine map

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