CNN Plus Disaster

The CNN+ Disaster

Episode 376 – April 24, 2022


  • Unboxing Guns
  • Google Docs Writes & OpenAI
  • Crypto Payouts
  • YouTube Keywords
  • Earth Day Google Doodle
  • Jimmy John’s High Humor
  • CNN Minus
  • NFT Get Rick Quick Scheme
  • BeReal Stats

During episode 376, BL and David discuss a PSA campaign featuring actual gunshot victims unboxing firearms; Google Docs can write summaries and OpenAI can write much more impressive prose; Stripe and Twitter partnering on crypto payouts; YouTube’s new keyword research tool; Google’s Earth Day Doodle; Jimmy John’s gets high; the quick and nasty demise of CNN+; an NFT get-rich-quick scheme; BeReal stats; and much, much more.

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Best Practices

Guns Down America

The campaign by Energy BBDO and Guns Down America uses spoof firearm reviews with real gunshot victims to push gun safety laws in America.

Google Docs Writes Summaries

Google Docs can automatically generate content summaries for you.

Stripe & Twitter Partner on Crypto Payouts

Stripe is adding crypto payouts to Connect, its programmatic (API-based) payouts platform; and Twitter will be the first platform to let people get payouts in crypto using it.

YouTube Keyword Research

YouTube Search Insights is rolling out to all channels by the end of April.

Earth Day Doodle

Worst Practices

Jimmy John’s Lame 420 Joke

In honor of 4/20, Jimmy John’s offered discounts based on how high you are – in elevation.

CNN Minus

Seen as the future of CNN, the streaming channel was suddenly killed. Its soon-to-be owner, Discovery, had concerns but until the deal closed, it was constrained in guiding a competitor.

Get Rich Quick NFT Maker

This promises that you can get rich quick with NFTs for a mere $27.


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Shiny New Stuff

B.L.’s Finds

Google Lens App Handwriting

David’s Finds


An excellent example of how to do produce a video podcast from one of David’s clients.

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