Super Bowl LIII Marketing

Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 257

Video Episode 257 of the Beyond Social Media Show

BL and David discuss brands’ earned Super Bowl Media; Super Bowl LIII commercials; egregious packaging; Minneapolis’ frozen pants; LinkedIn interest targeting; dearly departed Google services; Apple’s power play against Facebook and Google; Adidas Black History Month all white fail; the invisible generation; super-complicated CAPTCHAs; a Jeep Wave case study…and much, much more.

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Beyond Social Media Show 257 Audio

Best Digital Cases

Brands Get Earned Media Before the Super Bowl

Online viewing of Super Bowl advertising content and commercials has soared to its highest viewing levels in five years — mostly from unpaid “earned media” exposure in online media.

Super Bowl LIII Commercials

The Debutante’s Ball for television advertising is upon us.
Hyundai USA Super Bowl LIII Commercial
Michelob ULTRA Super Bowl LIII Commercial
Stella Artois Super Bowl LIII Commercial
Jeep Super Bowl LIII Commercial

Calling Out Egregious Packaging

A sub Reddit is calling out excessive packaging that is a massive contributor to global waste. Contributors share photos of the packages they’ve received, often drowning in paper or plastic.


Minneapolis residents used the Polar Vortex as an opportunity to create frozen jeans sculpture.

Interest Targeting

LinkedIn has added the ability to target users by the types of content in which they show interest.

Worst Digital Cases

Killed By Google

Killed by Google is a Free and Open Source list of dead Google products, services, and devices. It serves to be a tribute and memorial of beloved products and services killed by Google.

Apple’s Power Play

Apple punished Facebook and Google for violating their terms of service by shutting down productivity within both offenders companies.

Adidas Celebrates Black History Month With An All White Shoe

After social media backlash, Adidas pulled the all white shoe it issued to celebrate Black History Month, which is February.

The Invisible Generation

CBS News completely ignored Generation X within a graphic depicting living generations and Gen Xers responded in Gen X fashion.

CBS News Graphic Ignoring Generation X

Why CAPTCHAs Are So Complicated

Surely you’ve noticed that CAPTCHAs have gone way beyond just checking “I’m not a robot.”

Shiny New Stuff

Ubersuggest 3.0

Neil Patel has updated his fantastic keyword discovery tool with a bunch of new, useful features.

Mini Case Study: The Jeep Wave

David demonstrates how a video he created explaining a brand phenomenon called The Jeep Wave earned nearly 87,000 views by fullfilling a demand expressed in search queries on both YouTube and search engines.

The Jeep Wave
Google Trends Screenshot: Jeep Wave


Roger Stone Explains How to Dress for Mueller Court Appearance

Roger Stone gives us a 3 minute 40 second explanation of how he chose his outfit for his Mueller indictment court appearance – right down to his Charvet boxers. We can only hope this soon will be the infomercial for an auction of his fancy duds.

Pro Tips

LinkedIn Summary Tips

  • Write in the first person
  • You get 2000 characters; make full use of them
  • But by default, LinkedIn shows only the first three lines of your summary before readers have to click to see more
    • Or about 290-310 characters
    • (Recruiters, though, see the entire summary by default)
  • Write those three lines to persuade people to click on read more

The Daily Numbers

Fortnite is more than just another video game.

Fortnite Gameplay Trailer

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