Trump Pence Campaign Logo & Pokemon Go

Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 150

BL and David discuss the Trump/Pence campaign logo and fallout; Facebook’s live video streaming growing pains; the #ConservativeBecause hashjack; Pokemon Go players at Arlington National Cemetery and the Holocaust Museum; some little-known problems with email open rates; the live streaming of the Turkish coup attempt; Twitter’s live streaming deals for the national political conventions and with Bloomberg; Pokemon Go’s sponsored locations; Twitter’s Audience API; and much, much more.

Worst Digital Cases

Facebook’s Editorial Dilemma Over Live Streaming Video

In their rush to be a news outlet, Facebook’s editorial team showed bad judgment. A horrifically graphic Instagram video of the aftermath in Nice, where a truck plowed through a crowd killing innocent citizens as they watched fireworks in celebration of Bastille day, was picked up by Facebook’s Newswire Page, which is curated by Storyful. Read Facebook Shows Disconnection From Users In Posting Graphic Video Of Bastille Day Attack >>

Trump/Pence Campaign Rolls Out Logo More Heavily Mocked Than Hillary Clinton’s

After picking Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his running mate, Donald Trump’s campaign rolled out a logo that was so sexually suggestive, it nearly broke the Internet with ridicule and mocking logo revisions. Read Trump-Pence Logo Mocked On Social Media For Being ‘Suggestive’ >>

4 Tweets That Ridicule The Trump/Pence Campaign Logo

Surprise! #ConservativeBecause Hashtag Hijacked By Liberals

According to Red Alert Politics, the hashtag began when Future Female Leaders — a conservative group that exhorts young women to “vote with your lady smarts, not your lady parts” — issued a call for young, conservative women to share their stories with others.

The intent was apparently to show that conservatives are not just a collection of disgruntled white men.
But – surprise, surprise, it soon went awry. Read #ConservativeBecause Quickly Backfired for Conservatives on Twitter >>

3 #ConservativeBecause Tweets That Got Away

Uncounted Email Opens

A little-known technique employed by Gmail called “email clipping” results in the failure of email marketing service providers like MailChimp to count many emails that have been opened. Read Email Newsletters Hit A Speed Bump: Inaccurate Open Rates AND The Problem With Email Newsletters >>

Pokemon Go No-Go Areas

Pokemon Go has sent legions of app-users out into he world to capture virtual critters and in the process has drawn many a player to hallowed terrain that is utterly inappropriate for such gameplay. Read Pokémon Players Unwelcome At Arlington, Holocaust Museum >>

Best Digital Cases

Pokemon Go Sponsored Locations

Retailers and companies will be able to buy locations on the game’s virtual map, in the hope to drive customers inside their facilities. Read Pokemon Go Will Soon Get Ads In The Form Of Sponsored Locations AND Pokemon Go Brings Augmented Reality To A Mass Audience >>

Turkey’s Attempted Coup Live Streamed

Even after social media was blocked in the Turkish coup attempt, Turkish President Erdogan gave an interview via FaceTime. The country is in chaos following a military coup that’s still ongoing. But he managed to broadcast on Facebook Live & Twitter. Read Turkey’s President Is Giving An Interview Via FaceTime In The Middle Of A Coup >>

Twitter To Live Stream Bloomberg Shows & Political Conventions

Twitter and Bloomberg Media will live stream three Bloomberg shows, adding to it’s live streaming deals that include the NFL and the political conventions. Read Twitter Signs Deal With Bloomberg To Live Stream Financial News AND Twitter To Live Stream Both National Conventions >>

Google+, Meet Google Apps For Work

Google is transitioning classic Google+ to new Google+ and making it part of Google Apps for Work core services. This means they will provide support for Google+ for business. Read Google+ Transition Guide >>

Twitter’s Audience API Improves Social Advertising Targeting

Twitter has released the Audience API via its analytics unit, Gnip that will help advertisers more precisely target audiences on the platform. Read Gnip’s Audience API Is Now Generally Available >>

SoundCloud Needs A Dog Chef

SoundCloud has posted a job opening on LinkedIn for a gourmet dog chef to “prepare elaborate meals for dogs.” Read This Company Is Searching For An Experienced Chef For Dogs >>

Shiny New Stuff

Whole Foods’ Messenger Chatbot

Shopping at Whole Foods Market is about to become much more entertaining.
In addition to browsing for unusual vegetables or gazing at the wide assortment of organic tortilla chips, customers will now be able to tap into a recipe database from their phones and use artificial intelligence to converse with a robot chef. Read Whole Foods Just Launched A Messenger Chatbot For Finding Recipes With Emojis >>

Twitter Dashboard

Twitter Dashboard lets you schedule Tweets, and offers insights about your Tweets’ performance both on the desktop and via a mobile app. Read Twitter Dashboard [COOL TOOL] >>

Artificial Intelligence + GPS = Dog Tracking

This Indiegogo project features an interactive map that tracks your dog’s location in real-time.

GroupHigh Blogger Outreach Tool

This for-fee service identifies influencers, aggregates their online channels, and provides the communications infrastructure for marketers to engage them.

The Daily Numbers

Pokemon Go Adoption

As of July 11th, 10.8% of all Android devices in the US had the app installed, a figure which becomes even higher when we look at data from Australia and New Zealand. In Australia, 15.1% all of Android users have installed Pokémon GO, while in New Zealand, it has reached 16% of Android devices. Read Pokemon Go Update And Data On Worldwide Installs >>

Pokemon Go Update


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