How Fake News Spreads & Emojis, Emojis, Emojis

Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 168

BL and David discuss Bowie, Shruggie and Crooked Hillary emojis; the battle to break fake news; Google declines to remove hate news; Facebook admits it needs human editors; @ImposterBot fights off hateful troll bots; how Santa Claus learns marketing; Yahoo’s super-late hack disclosures; Wonder Woman fired by UN; tech titans meet Trumplethinskin. Plus great new apps and stats you should know.

Worst Digital Cases

Google Won’t Alter Holocaust Denier From Top Search Result

A post by American Neo-Nazi group, Stormfront, tops the Google search results for “Did the Holocaust Happen?” And Google has done nothing to change that. Should they?

Google’s Algorithm Unintentionally Rewards Fake News

Google’s RankBrain algorithm update in June 2016 may have played a role in the search engine’s inadvertent boosting of fake news stories.

Twitter Cut Out of Tech Titans Meeting With Trump Because of Emoji Refusal

Twitter was told its co-founder Jack Dorsey was “bounced” from Wednesday’s meeting between top tech executives and President-elect Donald Trump in retribution for refusing to allow an emoji version of the hashtag #CrookedHillary during the contentious 2016 campaign.#Trumplethinskin

WTF, Yahoo!?!

Yahoo! Can’t seem to keep the virtual doors to its customers’ data locked. They’ve just announced another massive hack affecting one billion customers. The hack occurred three years ago.

Dropbox Twitter Diversity BrouHaHa

Dropbox posted a photo from its staff Christmas party with 5 white people and one Asian woman. The headline said “Diversity at DropBox“.

Best Digital Cases

How to Market Like Santa Claus

Ever wonder how Santa Claus got so popular? Marketing, my friends. Santa is a marketing genius. He has to be. He has a diploma.

A Decent Breakdown Of All Things Real & Fake News

Anonymous created this excellent illustration of the spectrum of fake news, hyper partisan news, liberal or conservative skewing news, and straight-up journalism.

Real and Fake News

UN Fires Wonder Woman from Ambassadorship for Empowerment of Women and Girls

The UN has dropped Wonder Woman as Special Ambassador to Women and Girls after only 2 months, in the light of widespread public protest that a fictional character was chosen instead of a human.

Facebook To Use 3rd Party Fact Checkers To Combat Fake News

Facebook has finally pulled its head from the sand and tacitly admitted what was plain for everyone to see: The network’s role in promoting fake news stories. Now Zuckerberg and company are doing something about it.

Harassed Jewish Journalist Creates Twitter Bot to Troll the Trolls

As the second most harassed Jewish journalist on Twitter, according to the Anti-Defamation League, Yair Rosenberg teamed up with web developer Neal Chandra to create a Twitter bot called Imposter Buster to fight anti-semitism. He named it #ImposterBot.

Apple Introduces The Shrug Emoji

The new iOS update includes a slew of new emoji, including one it’s hard to imagine we’ve heretofore done without: The Shruggie.

The Rock Star Emoji

That looks suspiciously like a certain late glam-rock musician, what with the hair and the lightening-bolt face paint. Is it reminiscent of a certain Ziggy Stardust, perhaps? A Starman?

Emoji Translator Wanted

Who knew emoji needed translating?

Queen Donald Trump Making America Great Britain Again

Now that Donald Trump is elected, America is almost great again. However, people don’t want it to be just great, they want to make “America Great Britain Again”. Luckily, with the help of Photoshop graphic designer Michal Krauthamer is determined to make this dream come true.

Freshpet’s Holiday Feast for Shelter Dogs

Freshpet helps 30 very deserving pets celebrate the holiday season with a Freshpet feast. They contribute a meal to a shelter dog for each view of the video. When the news gets too depressing, watch these videos.

Shiny New Stuff


The free Quik app creates awesome videos in a few taps, and even adds mood music.

Internet Of Soles

Now you can get a pair of internet-connected insoles that are heated and powered by your walking.


An Instagram spinoff, Boomerang takes a burst of still photos, then stitches them together in a short, looping video. The end result is somewhere between a GIF and a stop-motion movie

Instagram Live Goes Live & Twitter Livestreaming Goes Native

Instagram live video is rolling out to everyone in the Stories camera mode. The new update to the iOS Twitter app lets users start a Periscope-powered live video stream directly from a tweet.

Mapping Twitter Keywords Across The U. S. of A.

This Quartz tool lets you compare and contrast how different words are used on Twitter by geography.


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