Why Planters Murdered Mr. Peanut

Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 293

BL and David discuss why Planters murdered Mr. Peanut; Angelina Jolie producing a BBC show to teach children how to spot fake news; a brewery that put shelter dogs on beer cans to spur adoptions; Verizon’s new OneSearch privacy-focused search engine; Product Hunt’s Golden Kitty Awards; Google podcast time stamping; Apple TV+ Podcasts; Morning Brew’s podcast lessons; fraudulent .gov domains; YouTube moderators’ PTSD; Apple’s encryption back door..and much, much more.

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Audio version of Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 293

Best Digital Cases

Angelina Jolie/BBC Series Helps Kids Spot Fake News

 Angelina Jolie is producing a BBC TV series to help kids over 13 learn to spot fake news.

RIP, Mr. Peanut

Planters murders its brand mascot.

Florida Brewery Puts Shelter Dogs on Beer Cans to Help Them Find Forever Homes

A Florida brewery is featuring local shelter dogs on the labels of its Lager. Two dogs were adopted on the first day.

Florida brewery puts shelter dog photos on beer cans to help find forever homes

Verizon OneSearch

Is Verizon’s entry into the privacy-focused search engine market for real?

Vote for Golden Kitty Award Winners

Voting is open for The Product Hunt Golden Kitty awards where you will find an amazing array of fantastic new products, apps, websites and more.

Voting is open for Product Hunt's Golden Kitty Awards

Podcast Segment Sharing

Google Podcasts has added a feature that allows users to deep link into specific podcast episodes.

Apple TV+ Podcasts

Apple will apparently produce podcasts related to its original television programs. Smart move.

Podcast Lessons From Morning Brew

Lessons learned on the way to a million downloads for the Business Casual podcast.

Worst Digital Cases

YouTube Moderators’ PTSD

 YouTube moderators who work at a moderation site run by Accenture are being forced to sign a statement acknowledging that the job can give them PTSD.

YouTube content moderators forced to sign document saying the work could cause PTSD.

Fraudulent .Govs

Security measures for obtaining a .gov top-level domain are shockingly lax.

Apple’s So-Called Concern For Your Privacy

Their positioning as the guardians of your privacy was always very self-serving.

Shiny New Stuff


You don’t have to send an email to check an address. This email verification tool actually connects to the mail server and checks whether the mailbox exists or not. You can check up to 100 emails a month for free.

Verify-Email lets you check and confirm email addresses.


A very slick and free transcription service.

  • Otter.ai [affiliate link – We get a month of premium service when new users create an account]


B.L.’s Bing Persona Page

My Bing page is a work in progress. I need to learn how to change the ugly layout and add content to the page.


Randy Rainbow’s “That Don!”

The always fabulous Randy Rainbow is back with a parody song about donald trump.

How Fox News Hides Impeachment From Its Viewers

The Daily Numbers

No one news source is trusted by a majority of U.S. adults, and Republicans trust Fox News far more than any other news outlet, according to a report out Friday from Pew.

Table: Political News Trust By Party

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