Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 193

Co-hosts B.L. Ochman and David Erickson discussed how United Airlines earned even more bad press by selling a toddler’s previously purchased seat; how Hobby Lobby was busted for smuggling artifacts from Iraq and funding ISIS all in one fell swoop; the hilarious Haribo Gold Bears ad featuring childlike executives; Spike the viral beetle artist; the #Ham4All fundraising challenge; the #MyOreoCreation contest; Apple’s Appocalypse video; the Weinermobile companion vehicles; cats in hats; China’s livestream video ban; the GOP’s tactic of blocking constituents on social media; Russia’s cyber psyops playbook; plus great new apps and stats you should know…and much, much more.

Best Digital Cases

#SpikeTheBeetle Artist Goes Viral Overnight

Spike is a Stag Beetle big enough to grab colored pencils and make drawings that go for $100 and up on eBay.

Spike FAQs

Gummi Bears Aren’t Just For Adults

A Haribo Gold Bears commercial demonstrates that candy isn’t just for kids.

Broadway Supports Lin-Manuel’s #Ham4All Fundraising Challenge

Donate $10, sing a song from Hamilton, challenge two other people to do the same to benefit 12 charities that help immigrants. Lin-Manuel Miranda’s brilliant challenge goes viral.


Catastrophes await a world without apps.

Oscar Mayer’s New Weinerfleet + Drone

The new fleet of Weinermobiles includes Wienermini, Wiener Rover, Wienercycle and of course, a Wienerdrone. “Going where other hotdogs can’t – to get to you.”


A real-life social media contest story.

Hats for Cats

There will be many things on this page that you will want but do not need.
These include hats for cats, turtles and birds, and scores of other useful goodies.

Worst Digital Cases

China Bans Livestreaming

As part of a crackdown on political discourse online, China is banning livestreaming altogether.

United Airline Steals From Children

Literally! A toddler was forced from his seat because the airline sold his seat.

Hobby Lobby Smuggles Artifacts From Iraq, Accused of Supporting ISIA

Without Representation

Blocking constituents who disagree with them appears to a nationwide tactic among Republican elected officials.

Russia’s Cyberwarefare Playbook

NATO has published a handbook on Russia’s tactics for undermining democracies.

Shiny New Stuff

Streaming platform where you can earn money by building an audience.


Silence those pesky notifications that pop up while you are screen sharing on your Mac.

Augmented Reality Sneakers

Japanese footwear giant Onitsuka Tiger has teamed up with fashion label Anrealage to produce what is quite possibly the first pair of augmented reality sneakers in the world. Don’t get too excited about them yet.

Membership WordPress Plugin

Create membership websites, accept payments, and control which uses see what content.

RE:NEW is a wellness portal combining apps & podcasts using virtual reality for meditation, mindfulness & more


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