United Airlines Swipes Toddler's Seat & #SpikeTheBeetle Makes Art

Beyond Social Media - United Airlines Toddler Seat - Episode 193

Episode 193: Co-hosts B.L. Ochman and David Erickson discussed how United Airlines earned even more bad press by selling a toddler’s previously purchased seat; how Hobby Lobby was busted for smuggling artifacts from Iraq and funding ISIS all in one fell swoop; the hilarious Haribo Gold Bears ad featuring childlike executives; Spike the viral beetle artist; the #Ham4All fundraising challenge; the #MyOreoCreation contest; Apple’s Appocalypse video; the Weinermobile companion vehicles; cats in hats; China’s livestream video ban; the GOP’s tactic of blocking constituents on social media; Russia’s cyber psyops playbook; plus great new apps and stats you should know…and much, much more.

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A Jerk, a Hero Cat, Curly Hair and Jocks

Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 49 Worst Digital Cases Internet of Jerks: Googler Scott Jensen aka #iamgoogle McDonald’s scary new Happy Meal “ambassador” spurs Twitter storm eBay’s underwhelming response to data breach Joke’s on former NBA player Ron Harper Best Digital Cases Hero Cat’s YouTube fame nets baseball pitch & yoga pants AMC Debuts “Halt…

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