Apple's Augmented Reality Platform & Vincente Fox's Viral Trump Takedown

Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 190

BL and David discuss Apple’s dive into augmented reality; McDonald’s stoner billboard ban; the viral video of Vincente Fox’s Trump takedown; best Trump jokes of the week; Google’s new buy buttons; the NFL’s return to Twitter; Intercept’s lame handling of the Reality Winner NSA/Russia leak; your Permanent Record; Real Fake News and much, much more.

Best Digital Cases

APPLE Introduces Augmented Reality on iPhones

What’s exciting is that the AR experience will happen through an iPhone, not a headset. Headsets are expensive and bulky. With tech changing as fast as it does, most people are waiting to see an affordable option.

McDonald’s Franchise Rolls Its Own Billboard

A McDonald’s franchise on New Mexico’s boarder with Colorado used stoner message to promote breakfast burritos.

Trump the Butt of Many Trending Jokes

Politics, as Robert Scoble noted, is getting funnier, and more painful.

Vincente Fox Viral Trump Takedown

Search eCommerce

Google is letting select merchants sell directly from its search engine results pages via a Buy button attached to product ads.

NFL Returns To Twitter

While Twitter lost out to Amazon for the right to stream NFL Thursday Night games, there will still be plenty of official NFL live video streaming through the social media site.

Is #BlockedByTrump A 1st Amendment Case?

The Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University argues that Donald Trump’s Twitter account is a public forum, and banning users from viewing or engaging with his tweets suppresses free speech.

Worst Digital Cases

Intercept’s Handling of Reality Winner’s Leak Stunk

The Intercept’s Russian hacking report also seems to be a good example of how not to handle leaks

Offensive Memes Have Consequences

10 students have had their acceptance to Harvard rescinded due to their particpation in an offensive Facebook Messaging group.

Shiny New Stuff

GTM Tools

Google Tag Manager Tools was developed by Simo Ahava to help you save a great deal of time implementing Tag Manager.

The most well-designed apps of 2017 as chosen by Apple

Noteable among them: Enlight – like photoshop for mobile photography – $4 in the app store

Fast Article Comparisons

This leaderboard measures which Hearst Newspaper sites have the fastest load time. It was originally developed as an internal testing tool.

The Daily Numbers

Snapchat Users By Age [CHART]


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