Everything Amazon Owns

Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 275

BL and David discuss the astounding array of businesses Amazon owns; the Area 51 search for aliens joke that 400,000 people have signed up for; major updates to Google My Business; how Pittsburgh helped power the first US Moon Landing; Pinterest adds videos; Shoelace is Google’s latest attempt at building a social network; a hilarious parody influencer apology video; Ikea’s new Soffa Sans typeface; using text messages to solicit local reviews; dangerous dongles and much, much more.

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Audio version of Episode 275 of the Beyond Social Media Show

Best Digital Cases

Trolling for Aliens

It’s a joke, but that hasn’t stopped 400,000 people from signing up for a Facebook event to raid Area 51 in search of aliens on Sept 20.

Government warns Storm Area51 alien hunters not to enter
Area51 top secret government UFO research site
982,000 alien hunters have signed up to raid top secret Military Installation Area51 on Sept 20
Alien Hunters plan to raid Area 51 on Sept. 20.

Google My Business Upgraded

Google began rolling out features in Google My Business to help businesses promote quality services and make their profiles on the site unique and descriptive.

Google My Business Shortcodes

Pittsburg Goes to the Moon

Google Arts and Culture and Heinz History Center team up to mark the 50th anniversary of the American moon landing with a multi-media exhibit.

Buzz Aldrin standing on the moon after planting the American flag.
Buzz Aldrin standing on the moon.

Pinterest Video

Businesses on the platform will now have a dedicated tab for video content, an updated video uploader and more.

Pinterest Videos

Influencer Apology Video Costume

Brilliant parody.

Google’s Taking Another Shot at a Social Network

Google has a beta of Shoelace, an invitation-only hyperlocal mobile social network for people who want to find others to join them in activities like sports and attending shows.

Shoelace is Google's new invite-only social network.
Google’s new invite-only social network

Soffa Sans

Ikea releases free ‘Soffa Sans’ font made of couches.

IKEA's Soffa Sans font

YouTube Giving Moves Out of Beta

A new way for nonprofits to raise money, YouTube Giving features include Fundraisers, Community Fundraisers, Campaign Matching and Super Chat for Good.

Text Message Reviews

TGK Automotive of Chanhassen, Minnesota has a clever local marketing strategy.

TGK Automotive of Chanhassen text message marketing

Worst Digital Cases

Everything Amazon Owns

Few corners of retail are untouched by Amazon. You’ll be amazed by Buzzfeed’s list of the scope of businesses, brands and subsidiaries owned by Amazon.

Amazon's taking over retail.
Amazon’s taking over retail

Dangerous Dongles

Mousejacking is still a thing.

Quote of the Week

Shiny New Stuff

Netflix at Work

Netflix at Work is a new Chrome extension that lets you watch Netflix at work by faking that you’re on a conference call.

App lets you watch Netflix at work by making it look like you're on a conference call

Sign Generator

AddLetters lets you create your own custom message with refrigerator magnet letters, as graffiti on a brick wall, as a ransom note and much more.

Bart Simpson Chalkboard

Surround For Brackets

An extension for the Brackets code editor that lets you easily wrap a set of tags around a chunk of code.


The Graphic Novelization Of The Mueller Report

Black Hawk Down author Mark Bowden collaborated with Archer illustrator Chad Hurd to bring the Mueller Report to life.

Pro Tips

You can add videos to your Google My Business listing

Videos need to be:

  • Up to 30 seconds long
  • Up to 100MB in size
  • 720p or higher

You’ll need to make sure your video is taken at your place of work and relates to your business, otherwise, it will be removed by Google.

Optimizing your Google My Business listing is a simple process that will have a positive effect on your SEO. However, many local businesses overlook the opportunity.

Email List Growth Tactic

Attract your target audience with compelling content, offer a content upgrade to subscribe, reinforce their excitement, and draw them further into your site from the subscription confirmation page.

The Daily Numbers

Chart of food delivery app users

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