Net Neutrality Fallout & Tweetstorms

Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 213

David discusses the fallout over the FCC vote to repeal net neutrality, reactions to it, and its implications; Twitter’s new tweetstorm button and how to use it; the rollout of Twitter’s new terms of use designed to crack down on hate speech and harassment; how to persuade people who deny reality; Amal and George Clooney’s Casamigos tequila-branded twin-cancelling headphones; hydroponic farming; Apple’s acquisition of Pop Up Archive’s podcast search engine; Gmail’s newsletter unsubscribe feature; Facebook’s new domain verification requirement for page owners; BuzzSumo’s study of the most-shared articles of 2017; Facebook’s admission that it can make you depressed; …and much, much more. Image courtesy Credo Action.

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Best Digital Cases

Tweetstorms, Formalized

Twitter has formalized a tactic that had long been adopted by political Twitter and other users with the addition of a tweetstorm button.

A Nicer, Friendlier Twitter

Twitter began enforcing new rules today to suspend users affiliated with hate groups “on and off the platform” — a policy that already has led to the disabling of some alt-right accounts.

How To Persuade Flat-Earthers

With some psychological insight and a few communications tactics, you just may be able to turn around that family member or colleague who refuses to accept reality.

George Clooney Noise-Cancels His Twins

George Clooney and his wife Amal recently handed out Casamigos Tequila-branded noise cancelling headphones to fellow travelers during an international flight to apologize in advance if their twins started crying.

Tokyo Salads

Tokyo Metro Co. is venturing into agriculture by growing salad greens hydroponically beneath its rail lines.

Apple Beefing Up Podcast Search?

Apple may be looking to bolster its podcast tech. Likely to do with the acquisition, Pop Up Archive closed its product in late November.

Gmail’s Unsubscribe Button

Gmail’s new feature works via a new “Inbox Tip” card that appears at the top of your inbox in both the Android app and desktop site.

Facebook Requiring Domain Notification For Page Editing Privileges

In order to be able to edit links to content you post on your Facebook pages, the company is now requiring that you verify your website’s domain with the page.

Most Sharable Facebook Content In 2017

BuzzSumo examines two billion articles and Facebook posts to determine what was the most-shared content on that platform during 2017.

Table: Most Shared Facebook Content of 2017

Worst Digital Cases

Net Neutrality Repeal Fallout

It’s the end of the world as we know it, and Aji Pai feels fiiiiiiiiiine.

Twitter Traditionalists Don’t Like The Tweetstorm Button

Quartz’ Mike Murphy represents the traditionalists with a series of eight long tweets.

Facebook Makes You Sad

Facebook’s director of research David Ginsberg and research scientist Moira Burke published a post in which they addressed questions about the impact Facebook has on our moods, and revealed some compelling information.


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