Facebook's Political Ad Rules

Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 231

BL and David discuss Facebook’s new political advertising rules; Philadelphia Eagles’ safety Malcolm Jenkins silent public relations stunt; Bill Gates’ Notes; Stew Leonard’s freedom burgers; search engine optimization audits; Apple’s web developers conference updates; Pod Papers magazines; senior’s bucket lists; personal shopping analytics; Apple’s dubious privacy high road; animal influencers; the imminent robot revolution; International House of Breakfast; and much, much more.

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Best Digital Cases

Bill Gates Summer Reading List

Gates’ blog is simply terrific! And his summer reading list video stars two of the cutest dogs!

Silent PR

Philadelphia Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins pulled off a brilliant and effective public relations stunt in response to Donald Trump’s disinvitation of a White House visit.

Chart: Malcolm Jenkins Signs Searches - Google Trends

Google Trends Chart: “Malcolm Jenkins Signs” Searches

Stew Leonard’s Offers 10,000 Burgers for trump/Jong-un Summit

For the peace summit between president trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, Stew Leonard Jr., CEO of Stew Leonard’s, has offered to donate 10,000 burgers with USA stamped in the middle of each one.

Make trump Burger Again app – Turns every photo of 45 into a hamburger

SEO Audits

Contrary to popular belief, technical SEO isn’t too challenging once you get the basics down; you may even be using a few of these tactics and not know it.

Top News From Apple Developers Conference

Facetime will allow up to 32 people on a group call; iOS apps will also run on desktop; Memojis and a Dick Tracy watch feature were introduced.

New Apple Animoji and Memoji

Paper Podcasts

Podcasts—and podcast listeners—may think they have no need for paper, but a new magazine hopes to dissuade them of that.

Pod Papers

Octogenerian Bucket Lists

For the past two years, Wesleys retirement communities have been granting the bucket list wishes of senior residents. These range from the sentimental to the downright dangerous.

Seniors' Skydiving Bucket List Wish Granted

Your Amazon Archive

Thousands of dollars and many hard drives later, Ars Technica staff ponders their purchases—and data.

Worst Digital Cases

Facebook Forcing News Media to Register As Political Advertisers

The system is meant to be a minor inconvenience for a political campaign, but those same rules also apply to neutral news content, and they seem to have taken many publications by surprise.

Apple’s Privacy Pandering

Apple talks a good game about how seriously they take their users’ privacy but their data-sharing agreement with Facebook belies those lofty sentiments.

Pet Social Media Influencers Have Managers

How much do pet influencers make? “Influencers on the larger scale with millions of followers are getting around $15,000 per sponsored post!. The Dog Agency handles the business end.


Atlas Has Got Ups

The robot revolution begins in 2019.

Wait! What?! IHOP Changing Is Its Name to IHOb.

IHOP announced that it is changing its name to IHOb on June 11. And it sure got them a bitchin’ bunch of earned media.

Shiny New Stuff

31 Power Tips for Chrome

31 Power Tips for Chrome That Will Improve Your Browsing Instantly

Shared Count

Calculate the number of social shares for any given URL.

Google GSuite Subscribers Will Get AppMaker

AppMaker is a low coding app that’s soon to be included with G Suite Business and Enterprise editions, as well as, with G Suite for Education.

The Daily Numbers

Chart: Obstacles To Augmented/Virtual Reality Adoption


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