Artificial Skin for Virtual Reality

Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 283

BL and David discuss artificial skin for virtual reality; Google Arts & Culture’s VR Versailles; Pew research data showing worries about social media’s impact on news; what happens if you go to Instagram jail; Google testing desktop sidebar search; Staples’ WorkLife Magazine; Tide’s #LaundryNight debates; Twitter’s DM search; leaked Zuckerberg tapes; a net neutrality appeal decision; LinkedIn’s enhanced ad targeting; a picture that speaks much louder than words…and much, much more.

Audio version of Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 283

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Best Digital Cases

Virtual Versailles

With their new immersive VR experience, Google invites visitors to explore France’s grandest estate. And you don’t need a headset.

Artificial Skin

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne researchers invented flexible artificial skin that can provide haptic feedback and could be used for everything from VR to medical rehabilitation.

Worries About Social Media Impact on News

New Pew Research Study: More people are now getting news coverage from social media, yet the majority see the platforms as biased, sensationalized and largely untrustworthy.

Google Sidebar Search

Google is adding “dynamic organization” to desktop search.

Instagram Jail

Amy Jo Martin’s must-read article explains why you should not make any platform but your own the home of your online identity.

Message saying you are blocked from Instagram.

Staples WorkLife

Staples is transforming into a content company that sells office supplies.

Twitter DM Search

Twitter has added filtering and searching functionality to its direct messaging feature.


Tide kept a debate on the best night for doing laundry going for four weeks, with a host of celebrities.

Worst Digital Cases

Zuck Tapes Leaked

In a big scoop, Casey Newton of The Verge obtained two hours of leaked tapes, Zuckerberg rails against critics, competitors, Elizabeth Warren and the US government.

Mark Zuckerberg on the potential breakup of Facebook

Net Partiality

In a nearly 200-page opinion, judges on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit sided with the Federal Communications Commission and its Republican chairman, Ajit Pai, finding that net neutrality supporters had made “unconvincing” arguments in their efforts to unwind the government’s efforts to deregulate companies such as AT&T, Comcast and Verizon.

Shiny New Stuff

New LinkedIn Ad Targeting Features

LinkedIn has expanded on its audience forecasting tools within its ad creation flow, making it easier to see exactly who your campaign will reach, based on your entered parameters.


Who Paid for This Bizarre Trump Video?

Trump retweeted a bizarre cartoon video by Power Tie.

The Local Democrat

One of the Democratic Party’s largest super PACs plans to fill the gap left by local newspapers with “news” outlets staffed by Democratic operatives.

Pictures Speak Louder Than Words

The Daily Numbers

Chart: Unethical Marketing

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