Bud Light Inebriates Aliens

Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 276

BL and David discuss Bud Light’s meme-jack offer of a special brew for aliens escaping “Storm Area 51” ; NASA’s release of a video recreating the moon landing; Oscar Meyer Weinermobile as an Air BnB-rentable; The VOID’s immersive movie experiences; Twitter’s desktop redesign; Pampers smart diapers; lifestyle content on LinkedIn; Amazon paying users for their data; browser extensions leaking personal data; the Russian FaceApp; newsletter signup clutter; the Spearphone attack on Android devices; copy and paste websites; and much, much more.

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Audio version of Episode 276 of the Beyond Social Media Show

Best Digital Cases

Bud Light’s Alien Beer

Meme-jacking the upcoming “Storm Area 51 “raid, for which 1.7 million people have signed up, Bud Light is offering Space Beer to any aliens who escape that day. The event, as we told you in episode 275, is a joke, started by a satirical Facebook group.

Bud Light is offering Space Beer to aliens who escape during "Storm Area 51" event.

Apollo 11 Moon Landing Video

It’s a beautiful moment — and one that also offers a compelling lesson in leadership and composure.

Comparison Video of Armstrong vs Aldrin Views of Apollo 11 Moon Landing
Recreation of Neil Armstrong view of the Apollo 11 moon landing

Oscar Mayer’s Wienermobile Is For Rent On Airbnb

In an attempt to tap into interest in one-of-a-kind experiences and branded overnight stays, Oscar Mayer’s Weinermobile is rentable on Airbnb.

Oscar Mayer Weinermobile is for rent on AirBnB

Immersive Movie Experiences

Enter The VOID, a “virtual entertainment center” where real and virtual worlds merge together, to create new environments and visualizations that guests can interact with in real time.

Twitter’s Desktop Redesign

Twitter rolled out a clean new desktop interface with three columns and still no edit button.

You can now customize colors and more on Twitter's desktop redesign.

Pee Analytics

Pampers announced a line of smart diapers that will track when a baby pees as well as its sleep patterns.

Lifestyle LinkedIn?

The knock on LinkedIn is it’s just the place people go to look for jobs or sell.

Worst Digital Cases

Amazon Pays Consumers To Track Them

On Prime Day, Amazon offered its customers a $10 coupon in exchange for tracking them all over the web.

Leaky Browser Extensions

As many as four million people have Web browser extensions that sell their every click. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Is FaceApp A Russian Spy?

Soon after it shot to the top of the Apple and Google store charts this week, privacy advocates began waving warning flags about the Russian-made app.

Signup Clutter

Nine subscription forms on one page!

Screenshot: Southwest News Media Subscriptions

Spearphone Captures Your Android Phone’s Loudspeaker Data

You know those people who piss you off by having their phone on speaker in public places instead of wearing headphones? If they have Android phones, they’re being hacked.

How a Spearphone can hack Android phones.
How Spearphone attacks Android voice assistants.

Shiny New Stuff

DoNotPay App Automatically Cancels Your Trial Subscriptions

Free HubSpot Email Marketing

Users of HubSpot’s free CRM tools will now be able to send targeted emails and manage social ad spending, according to an announcement from the marketing software provider.


Twitter #FAIL On Trump’s Racism

Twitter failed. They did not label trump’s racist post about the four freshman Congresswomen – or his others that degrade, dehumanize, insult and spur his followers to violence.

Twitter failed to institute its own policy

Pro Tips

Vet Browser Extensions

  • Identify who developed the extension
  • Research the developer
  • Search for bad press and reviews about the developer
  • Only use extensions for specific, narrow purposes
  • Download a browser to install for specifically using extensions, rather than using them on your everyday browser

The Daily Numbers

Credo’s 2019 survey had 271 qualified respondents, of which more than half (56%) were US based.

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