Resistance Radio, Twitter's Livestream News & 6-Second Classic Literature

Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 180

BL and David discuss ResistBot; the White House’s satirical news; Apple’s Clips app; Instagram’s saveable livestreams; the declassification of the Manned Orbiting Laboratory; Twitter’s livestreaming API; YouTube’s classic literature prerolls; Google Maps’ car-finder feature; Google Street View on the lip of a volcano; April the Giraffe; the fake radio Resistance Radio; Trump’s cease and decist against kittens; Google Home’s audio ads; food-delivery bots; Senator Roberts’ Moment; …and much, much more.

Best Digital Cases

ResistBot Anti-Trump App

Now there is a genius tech tool that will take the headache out of reaching out to your congresspeople. It’s called “Resistbot,” and it’s by far the easiest way to gradually chip away at Trump’s spirit.

White House Promotes Satirical Criticism

The White House included a satirical column in the Washington Post that mocked Trump’s budget in its media coverage roundup email.

Apple’s new Clips app makes social videos for other social networks

Apple wants in on social video sharing — just not with its own social network. And it’s new free Clips might be the precursor to an Apple AR app.

Instagram Livestreams Saved

Now you can save your livestreamed Instagram Stories.

Manned Orbiting Laboratory Declassified: Inside a US Military Space Station

In the 60s, at the height of the space race, the U.S. had a classified secret space station. The National Reconnaissance Office has released hundreds of photos and documents about the Manned Orbiting Laboratory. Here are some of the best ones they made public.

Twitter Livestreaming API

Twitter is opening up its livestreaming video API to news organizations.

6-Second Classics

YouTube is highlighting its new six-second ad format by condensing classic literature into pre-roll ads.

Pin Your Car

The latest update to Android Google Maps app lets you drop a pin where you’ve parked your car so you can find it later.

Google Molten View

A new Google Street View is way off the beaten path. It is on the very lip of a volcano, to tell the truth.

Worst Digital Cases

#AprilTheGiraffe is Still Pregnant, Poor Dear

April is awaiting the birth of a 150lb, 6ft tall baby at the Interactive Educational Animal Park. Giraffes gestation is 15 months.

Fake Radio

Trump supporters and some anti-Trumpers to Amazon’s Man In The High Castle promotion as real news.

Trumplethinskin Sics Lawyers on Teen for Making Silly Site Where Kittens Punch Him

17 yr-old Lucy wanted a “fun, little” project to put on her resume, so she coded a site called where users click on Donald Trump’s face to punch him with tiny kitten paws. Then she got the cease & desist letter from the big man’s lawyer. But she’s #resisting #TrumpCat

Google Home Audio Ads

Google has apparently been testing audio ads on its personal assistance product, Google Home.

Robots Are Delivering Food In Washington DC & Redwood City California

In Redwood City, California, DoorDash is putting a small fleet of six-wheeled delivery robots into action for the first time today. They are about the size of a Golden Retreiver and they look a bit like R2D2.

Sen. Roberts makes insensitive joke about losing women mammogram coverage under GOP Health Act

When Senator Roberts made a snarky quip about taking mammograms away from women under T-rump care, Twitter roared back.

  • Alice Ollstein started a Tweet storm when she said:
    I asked Sen. Roberts if he supports scrapping Essential Health Benefits. “I wouldn’t want to lose my mammograms,” he snarked. #AHCA. He apologized. But so what, he still said it.

Shiny New Stuff


David talks about his new pair of Snapchat Spectacles.

Four light alternatives to Adobe Acrobat reader

If you’re still using Adobe Reader for PDF documents, it’s time for you to move on. It’s one of the most notorious programs to ever exist because it hits the trifecta of poor user experience: slow to launch, bloated and unnecessary features, and too many security vulnerabilities.


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