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Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 296

BL and David discuss Google’s Project Witness that uses virtual reality to generate empathy for jailed children; Amazon’s program to create actual brand voices to play on its Echo smart speaker; ASCII art of refugee programmers; tech titans’ efforts to combat coronavirus misinformation; augmented reality Google Maps; Facebook’s bug bounty program; Chrome’s website security deadline; reviews in Google Search Console; a glaring user experience fail in Adobe Acrobat; Target’s Minnesota Badgers miscue; …and much, much more.

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Audio version of Episode 296 of the Beyond Social Media Show

Best Digital Cases

VR for Empathy

Google’s Project Witness is a horrifying but must-see immersive VR experience showing life in prison from a child’s point of view.

Brand Voices…Literally

A new Amazon Echo feature called Brand Voice can be used to create a unique voice that represents a brand’s persona.

KFC’s Voice Brand Sample

Controlling Corona Virus Misinformation on Social Media

To combat misinformation, Facebook, Twitter and Google have prioritized links, pop-ups or search results directing users to information from official health partners like the World Health Organization.

World Health Organization Corona Virus myth buster about sesame oil.
World Health Organization myth buster about chlorine for Corona Virus.

ASCII Refugees

The Behind the Source campaign champions graduates of HackYourFuture with images of them constructed in major websites’ source code.

ASCII Version Of the Beyond Social Media Show Logo

Facebook’s Bug Bounty

Facebook’s bug bounty program has been rewarding bug hunters for important work, including disclosing apps that siphoned data from up to 9.5 million users.

Google Maps 15th-Anniversary Updates

Google has released a redesigned Google Maps to celebrate the app’s 15th anniversary.

Google Chrome Locks Down Downloads

Full SSL implementation is on the horizon.

Table: Google Chrome SSL Warning Timeline
Google Chrome SSL Warning Timeline

New Google Search Console Feature

Google announced support for review snippets along with performance reports in the Google Search Console.

Worst Digital Cases

Minnesota Badgers

Target might want to vet their vendors a bit more.

Shiny New Stuff

Podcast Magazine

A lifetime digital subscription to Podcast Magazine is available now for a limited time on their website and all it will cost you is an email address.

Podcast Magazine inaugural issue

YouTube Tags

Find winning tags for your video marketing efforts.

Bracelet of Silence

It will jam Alexa’s microphones or any other microphones in the vicinity to keep them from listening in on the wearer’s conversations.

Searchable Google Podcasts

Google Podcasts now has a front page on the web and is searchable.



Politico but for tech.

Pro Tips

Google Makes Big Change to Nofollow, Introduces Two New Link Attributes

Two new link attributes are joining rel=“nofollow.” They are rel=“sponsored”and rel=“ugc.”

Google has added two new search attributes to nofollow.

The Daily Numbers

How couples meet: 1995-2017.

Infographic: How Couples Met | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

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