Sarah Silverman Turns A Troll & Cadbury's Full Willy Wonka

Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 214

David discusses Sarah Silverman’s compassionate response to a Twitter troll; Life Time Fitness’ decision to ban cable news; the Wellness VR platform pilot program in a senior living facility; Google’s audio-realistic text-to-speech technology; Firefox’s plans to shame insecure sites; Cadbury’s Willy Wonka white chocolate cream eggs; Apple’s long-awaited podcast analytics; Twitter’s video views; Facebook Ad Manager rules; the massive hardware security flaw that has effected all computer processors; a fatal swatting incident; Ajit Pai’s no-show at the Computer Electronics Show; and much, much more.

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Best Digital Cases

Sarah Silverman Shows Compassion To Critic

In an extremely touching story, comedian Sarah Silverman responds with compassion, understanding and generosity to a Twitter troll.

Life Time Fitness Bans Cable News

Chanhassen, Minnesota-based Life Time Fitness, confirmed a change in policy that might bum out gym rats who are news junkies.

Virtual Reality For Senior’s Wellness

A fascinating VR pilot program at a senior living facility in Minneapolis.

Google’s Audio Realism

Google’s text-to-speech technology is getting realer and realer.

Shame On Your Security!

The Firefox browser may soon start calling out websites that use standard a HTTP connection rather than using SSL Certificates employing HTTPS.

Cadbury Goes Full Willy Wonka

Cadbury is hiding its new white chocolate cream eggs in traditional cream eggs wrapping and a lucky few will win cash money.

Apple Turns On Podcast Analytics

Apple’s long-awaited podcast analytics have arrived.

Twitter Introduces Video Views

Twitter will now show a running tally of views for uploaded videos.

Facebook Ad Rules

Facebook Advertising’s Rules feature can help you automate your campaigns.

TL;MR: Topic Modeling

Christopher Penn’s six-part series on topic modeling is a must read for marketers.

Worst Digital Cases

Massive Computer Hardware Security Flaw

All major computer processors on all systems have been compromised for a decade. Damn.

Swatting Leads To Innocent Man’s Death

A dispute over a $1.50 wager on a game of Call Of Duty has led to the swatting death of an innocent Kansas man.

Ajit Pai Bails On CES After Net Neutrality Repeal


TL;MR: $1000 Will Allow You To Track An Individual

Wired explains how you can use ad networks to stalk people. Scary.

Shiny New Stuff

Google Optimize

Do A/B, Multivariate & Redirect testing.

Most Engaging Stories Of 2017

Chartbeat analyzes a ton of stories based on a ton of data.


The Daily Numbers

Infographic: Data Generated Per Minute


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