Alexa Answers

Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 280

BL and David discuss Google’s addiction recovery maps; Amazon crowd-sourcing Alexa answers; Google’s algorithm highlights original reporting; Twitter allows arrangeable photos in Tweets; Zooniverse crowdsources citizen scientists; WordPress buys Tumblr; BL gets a great sales pitch; 9/11 pizza #FAIL; 48 Attorneys Generals investigate Google; facial recognition blocking jewelry…and much, much more.

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Audio for Episode 280 of the Beyond Social Media Show

Best Digital Cases

Recover With Google

September is National Recovery Month and Google has released two new map-related tools aimed at both helping people find drug addiction recovery resources and helping to make the life-saving drug Naloxone more accessible.

Alexa Answers

Amazon is crowdsourcing answers for its smart speaker, Alexa.

Alexa Answers

Google Algorithm to Highlight “Original Reporting”

Google announced changes to its search algorithm to give an advantage to “original reporting” that would be reinforced by changes in other guidelines.

Twitter Arrangeable Photos

The social network launches feature to let you drag and rearrange photos while composing Tweets.

Be A Citizen Scientist

More than one million people (including BL) have become citizen scientists through Zooniverse, the world’s largest crowdsourcing project.

Join Zooniverse and help scientists understand bird breeding behavior
Zooniverse NestCams

Tumblr Sold

WordPress owner Automattic buys Tumblr for $3 million.

A Great Pitch

This is a great follow-up pitch instead of the usual “didya get it” or whining emails so often received. It’s from Johnny Tran at WP Engine.

Good pitch from a salesperson

Worst Digital Cases

48 Attorneys General Investigate Google

Every state except Alabama and California are now investigating the company for anticompetitive behavior in its advertising business.

9/11 Pizza

Hashtagjacking 9/11 is never an appropriate promotional tactic.

Shiny New Stuff

Facial Recognition Blocker

Polish artist Ewa Nowak has created a solution for Big Brother-esque facial recognition monitoring.

Artists designs Facial Recognition Blocking Jewelry
Facial Recognition Blocking Jewelry

HTML5 Outliner

A handy tool for web developers.

The Daily Numbers

Video content promotion channels

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