Chevy's LEGO Batmobile & Obama's VR White House Tour

Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 171

Co-hosts BL and David discuss canine abuse on the set of “Purpose Of A Dog”; Angel Soft’s scatological ads; the Honest recall; live-streaming the Steelers locker room; Google Chrome’s new warnings for non-SSL sites; robot kill switches; Barack Obama’s virtual White House tour; Michael Dukakis’ advice for the new White House occupant; Sad Affleck rises again; two Trump protest songs; the Washington Post’s comedy news show; Facebook de-emphasizes Live; travel Norway’s rail virtually; Chevrolet’s LEGO Batmobile; and much, much more.

Worst Digital Cases

Boycott Brouhaha Over “Purpose of a Dog” Movie

I usually think PETA is just nuts. But they are right to call for boycott of “Purpose of a Dog”. A TMZ video showing an obviously terrified German Shepherd being forced into rushing water where it very nearly drowned has gone viral.
UPDATE: The producers have cancelled the premiere of the film in light of protests! Yay!


Actress Jessica Alba’s company has issued another recall.

C’Mon! It’s Toilet Paper!

This could have gone in best, but it’s TOILET PAPER

A new campaign from Angel Soft intends to “uncover the insightful little moments that we can all appreciate but that you don’t see much in advertising,” says Karen Costello, executive creative director at Deutsch, the brand’s agency.

Facebook Live From The Locker Room? What Could Go Wrong?

Pittsburgh Steelers star wide receiver thought it would be a good ideal to live stream his team’s post-game celebration from the locker room on Facebook. In the locker room. Where his teammates were undressing. Where his coach was swearing.

Got httpS?

It appears Google Chrome is going to start flagging non-encrypted pages that ask for a password or credit card as insecure in the title bar of the browser.

Best Digital Cases

Washington Post Getting Satirical

Washington Post is putting a lot of resources behind video content generally and perhaps a Daily Show-type comedy news program, specifically.

Europe calls for automatic KILL Switch on Robots

The proposal calls for a new charter on robotics that would give engineers guidance on how to design ethical and safe machines.

Is Zuckerberg Pumping The Breaks On Facebook Live?

Recode is reporting that Facebook is downplaying Facebook Live with publishers but may be pursuing content deals for scripted video programs instead.

VR Tour of Obama White House

On January 20th, President Barack Obama will step down to make way for Trump. Before leaving, he and First Lady Michelle Obama recorded a tour of the White House shot by virtual reality film studio Felix & Paul. That tour is also online for Oculus VR headsets and Facebook 360-degree video.

Virtual Tourism

Expedia has produced a virtual reality film that takes you on a tour of Norway by rail.

Dukakis says “Trump ought to get off that Twitter thing”

Former Democratic presidential nominee Michael Dukakis said Friday that President-elect Donald Trump “ought to get off that Twitter thing” and start focusing on preparing for the presidency.But then again, Dukakis last Tweeted in 2013.

Chevrolet’s LEGO Batmobile

Chevrolet stole the 2017 North American International Auto Show when it unveiled a 17 foot Batmobile made of LEGO bricks.

Sad Affleck Meme Rises Again

A video of Ben Affleck sitting silently during an interview about Batman vs Superman went viral when “Sounds of Silence” was overlaid on it. This week, Affleck finally commented on what he’d learned from the meme.

iPhone Photography

Professional photographer Jack Hollingsworth has produced a series of video tutorials on how to get the most out of your iPhone’s camera.

How Louis CK Tells a Joke

Political Protest Songs

Stand and Fight – Tom Knight with River Rhapsody and Rythea Lee
Hallelujah Money (feat. Benjamin Clementine) – Gorillaz

Shiny New Stuff

LinkedIn’s Desktop Makeover

LinkedIn is rolling out a new look. It looks more like a social network.

Free Harvard Digital Photography Course

Harvard’s complete photography course is now online for free via Alison under the Creative Commons license.

The Daily Numbers

US Marijuana Use


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