Twitter DM Limit Expansion & Snoop Dogg Wants The CEO Gig

Beyond Social Media - Snoop Dogg For Twitter CEO - Episode 100

Co-hosts B.L. Ochman & David Erickson discussed Twitter’s DM expansion; Snoop Dogg’s campaign for Twitter CEO; Safari content blocking capabilities; LeBron’s wardrobe malfunction; Joyce Carol Oates’ outrage; public relations’ PR problem; the Coke/boob challenge; tampons for a cause; GIFographics; yawning billboards; Kid President’s campaign against hunger; plus great new apps and important stats and a lot of stuff in between.

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LeBron, P&G and YouTube stars score, Cottonelle & Charmin Offend [VIDEO]

Beyond Social Media Show, Episode 55 Worst Digital Cases Ooops! Amazon & Sears offer Nazi memorabilia poster of death camp as home decor NYC Newspaper calls Obama N-word in headline She’s Not Worth It! L’OREAL Drops World Cup Model/ Hunter / Lion Killer Cottonelle & Charmin offend with scatalogical LeBron James Tweets Extreme Selfies illustrate…

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