David Berkowitz Interview

Beyond Social Media - David Berkowitz Interview - Episode 341

B.L. Ochman interviews David Berkowitz, the founder of the Serial Marketer consultancy where he generates demand for growth-mode B2B startups and agencies. He also founded and runs the 2,000-member Serial Marketers community.

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Video Conferencing Revolution

Beyond Social Media - Video Conferencing Revolution - Episode 314

Episode 314: BL and David discuss the amazing Mmhmm video conferencing app; the tech pushback against Chinese data requests; new evidence for Subscription Twitter; pinnable Instagram comments; Google acquires an augmented reality glasses company; Google Assistant Continuous Mode; the FaceApp #WhatItWouldBeLike campaign; YouTube’s new affinity metrics; a Google Project Loon update; Jimmy Johns employees post racist video; Mark Zuckerberg fails to impress civil rights leaders; the Ayn Rand Institute grabs PPP money; Anti-mask masks for sale; another PR pitch from hell;..and much, much more.

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