Spotify & Facebook Clone Clubhouse

Episode 354 - June 26, 2021


  • From Twitter To The Silver Screen
  • Spotify & Facebook Launch Live Audio
  • Google's Breaking Stories Warning
  • Clever List Building Tactic
  • Digitally Resurrecting Journalists
  • Scaring Phone Spammers
  • Ticketed Twitter
  • LEGO Typewriter
  • Hyundai Acquires Boston Dynamics
  • Apple Destroys Open Rates
  • Friend & Family Word Of Mouth

Best Practices

Zola - First Movie from Twitter Thread

Zola, the new movie that started as a viral Twitter thread in 2015, is now a movie and a book. It is the story of how a trip to Florida spiraled into sex trafficking, crime and horror. The marketing of it is fascinating.

New Google Search Warning

Google has started testing a feature that notifies users when they’re searching for something that’s a rapidly evolving topic and results may not be reliable.

Screenshot: Google Search Breaking News Warning

Clever List Building Tactic

Share remarkable value on a popular platform your target audience uses, preview that value, and entice with additional remarkable value to come.

Murdered Journalists Resurrected

In Cannes, The work for charity Propuesta Cívica used deep fake technology to resurrect reporters killed during investigations.

How To Scare Phone Spammers

Thank you for calling the CIA.

Ticketed Twitter Spaces

Twitter has opened up applications for two recently-unveiled monetization tools: Super Follows and Ticketed Spaces.

Worst Practices

Hyundai’s Weird Robotics Video

Hyundai completed its acquisition of Boston Dynamics, giving the carmaker an 80% stake in the robotics firm. It released a truly weird video to celebrate the acquisition.

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