Episode 346 - April 17, 2021


  • Google Earth Timelapse
  • Steak-Umm Strikes Again
  • Reddit Audio
  • Broadway Returns
  • LinkedIn Creators & Secret Endorsements
  • NFT Kidney Fundraising
  • All About NFTs
  • Google My Business Post Conversions
  • Self-Cleaning Underwear
  • Data Analytics Drain
  • Zero-Click Data

Best Practices

Google Earth Timelapse

Earth Day is coming up this week and Google’s Timelapse lets you watch time unfold and witness 40 years of planetary change.

Steak-Umm Strikes Again

The meat company picked a fight with celebrity astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Broadway Is Coming Back

Creativity is our heart and soul. This is the first live performance in a year. “For us to be whole, it has to come back.”

LinkedIn Creator Mode

Screenshot: LinkedIn Secret Endorsements
GIF: LinkedIn Live Profile Background

Reddit Coming After Clubhouse?

Reddit is quietly exploring a moderator led voice chats, similar to Clubhouse.

Baby Boomer Influencers

Audiences are seeking out content that lifts up diverse voices and makes them feel good.

NFT for Kidney Transplant

Trevor DeHaas is auctioning his 2017 tweet of the “dinner” he received at Fyre Fest as an NFT, hoping to raise $80K for his kidney transplant.

How To Use Google Posts

While Google Posts aren’t a ranking factor, they can still be an incredibly effective resource for increasing local business conversions — when used correctly.


B.L.'s Finds

Officer Clarence the Capitol Comfort Dog

Shiny New Stuff


The Great Dictator Speech

One of the greatest movie speeches of all time - about why we must not give up our hearts to hate.

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