Amazon Astro Robot

Episode 363 - October 16, 2021


  • Jerks Are Jerks, Online Or Off
  • Sleep Number Content Marketing
  • 5 New Twitter Features
  • Hilarious Mock Condom Ads
  • Amanda Goreman's Poetic Justice
  • Stadium Marketing
  • Branded NFTs
  • Survey Marketing
  • Google Tuner & Lego Stratocaster
  • Seasonal Salted Nut Rolls
  • Amazon Personal Bots
  • Facebook Whistleblowers
  • Fake Reviews
  • A Pathetic Pitch
  • Clubhouse Shorting Creators
  • Local Customer Review Facts

Best Practices

Jerks Are Jerks Online Or Off

New research indicates the internet doesn't make people act like jerks, but it sure gives the jerks a big megaphone.

Content By Sleep Number

Sleep Number’s content marketing TV advertising campaign.

Amanda Gorman’s Poetic Justice

Amanda Gorman turned down $17 million in endorsement offers. But she accepted Estee Lauder.

Experiential Marketing: Drawing Fans Back To Stadiums

The Minnesota VIkings are bringing the old school experience into their high-tech, new school stadium.

Big Brands Experiment With Something No One Understands

Branded NFTs offer passionate customers collectible virtual goods that generate brand engagement, unlock new experiences, foster a passionate community, add new revenue, and will be critical assets for upcoming virtual worlds.

Marketing A Survey

BrightLocal knows how to get the most marketing bang for its buck out of its annual survey.

Infographic: Impact of Covid-19 on Local Reviews

Google's Guitar Tuner

You can summon it on mobile and desktop.

Lego Stratocaster & Amp

LEGO has partnered with the Fender Guitar company to create a Fender Stratocaster guitar and amp LEGO set.

Seasonal Salted Nut Rolls

Pearson's candy is differentiating an old standard.

Worst Practices

Amazon’s Creepy Robot

So cute. So sinister. A Ray Bradbury story? Nope! Amazon’s Astro.

Facebook's Whistleblower

Frances Haugen is straight out of central casting.

FTC Cracking Down On Fake Reviews

Brands can be fined more than $40,000 for a single instance of using a misleading endorsement to deceive customers.

Clubhouse Not Paying Creators

Clubhouse promised sponsors to podcasters who used the platform, but rarely delivered.


Shiny New Stuff

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