New Twitter Features

Episode 307 - May 10, 2020


  • Twitter Moderates
  • New Twitter Features?
  • Google Podcast Analytics
  • Google Web Vitals
  • Facebook Oversight Board
  • Ryan Reynolds' Slides
  • Wendy's Scavenger Hunt
  • Progressive Works From Home
  • Amazon's Upload Debuts
  • Copy & Paste IRL
  • Jimmy Kimmel's Screwup
  • GoDaddy Hacked
  • Axl Rose Trends
  • YouTube Engagement Benchmarks

Best Practices

Twitter Will Help You Be Nice

Twitter is experimenting with a new moderation tool that will warn users before they post replies that contain what the company says is “harmful” language.

Possible New Twitter Features

Twitter is considering adding new features for businesses that would make their profiles more like a business listing.

Google Podcasts Gets Analytics

Google has unveiled Google Podcasts Manager an analytics tool for its podcast platform.

Google Web Vitals

Google announced Web Vitals, an initiative to provide web developers and website owners with a unified set of metrics for building websites with user experience and performance in mind.

Google Web Vitals Metrics

Facebook Overlords

Facebook announced it’s Oversight Board. Kara Swisher describes it as “an independent panel has all the hallmarks of the United Nations, except potentially much less effective.”

Ryan Reynalds' PowerPoint Commercial

Wendy’s Online Scavenger Hunt

This week, Wendy's gave Twitter followers a chance to win $5,000 and free food in a digital scavenger hunt across the internet.

Progressive WFH

Flo has tech issues and Jamie screws up a sales role playing zoom call.

Amazon's Upload

‘Upload’ is a comedic new Amazon Prime series that deals with the digital afterlife by creator Greg Daniels.

Copy & Paste IRL

Instead of projecting digital images into the physical world, these apps bring the physical into the digital.

Worst Practices

Jimmy Kimmel Screws Up

Jimmy Kimmel edited a video to make it look like Mike Pence carried empty boxes into a nursing home - and it went viral with more than one million views.

GoDaddy Hosting Hacked

On May 4, 2020, GoDaddy, one of the world’s largest website hosting providers, disclosed that the SSH credentials of approximately 28,000 GoDaddy hosting accounts were compromised by an unauthorized attacker.


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