Alphabet's High Speed Internet Project Taara

Episode 331 - November 14, 2020


  • Sequential Video Storytelling
  • Biden/Harris Transition Website
  • Spotify Acquires Megaphone
  • VR Furries Invade Four Seasons Landscaping
  • Gmail Embeds Tweets
  • MmHmm Emerges From Beta
  • YouTube Cancels Rewind
  • Customizable Oreos
  • Ticketmaster's Safe Fans App
  • Fascism's Law Firms
  • Support For Pot Legalization

Best Practices

Infrared Internet

More than three billion people still don’t have Internet access. Now Alphabet Moonshot’s Project Taara is testing a new approach. Like fiber, but without the cables, Taara uses light to transmit information at super high speeds through the air as a very narrow, invisible beam.

Sequential Video Storytelling

This tactic uses video advertising to tell a story through a series of user-directed short spots.

Biden Harris Transition Website

Clear communication.

Spotify Gets A Megaphone

VR Furries Troll Trump

The Philadelphia site of Rudy Giuliani’s speech is being put to another use.

Gmail Embeds Tweets

It appears Gmail now embeds tweets when it sees a tweet URL.

Screenshot: Gmail Embeds Tweets

MmHmm Goes Live

MmHmm for iOs comes out of Beta today. Testers get 3 free months. Windows version to come.

YouTube Unwind

Seriously. Who wants to relive 2020?

Customizable Cookies

The build-your-own cookie is an online holiday push from the Oreo brand, though there are no plans to stop once the holidays are over.

Worst Practices

Coronavirus Concert Tickets

In an exclusive, Billboard reported that Ticketmaster plans a post-pandemic fan safety protocol that makes fans verify Covid vaccine or negative test status in a 24 to 72 hour window. The company says that’s not how it works. What could do wrong?!

Post Literacy


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