Albert Maruggi

Albert MaruggiSo you really think this social stuff works eh?  I’ve been doing it a long time and for me the jury is still out, but there are certain criteria where social is a great place for your company to be.   Perhaps my years in journalism, TV broadcasting and politics have jaded me, but in general the more things are measured, the more there is likely to be manipulation.   What’s been true from pre social media to today is how content that is relevant to both audience and entity (business, brand, or otherwise) will be rewarded.   I saw that in global marketing for technology companies and in working as a consultant with companies large and small.   People know when you’re jerking them around and just like any type of relationship, no one wants to be taken for granted   That, perhaps more than any other maxim is what I share with those who ask me about social marketing.

I’ve settled into multimedia production and using that very powerful digital content in variety of ways that go well beyond social channels.  I have an independent consultancy and production at Provident Partners 

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