Super Bowl LXI Commercials

Super Bowl LXI Commercials

Episode 371 – February 13, 2022


  • True Love At The Train Stop
  • Apple’s realityOS
  • Super Bowl LXI Ads
  • Gamifying Digital Literacy
  • Literally Crappy Marketing
  • A Spotify/Joe Rogan Case Study
  • The Fall Of Forbes
  • Trust Barometer

During episode 371, BL and David discuss Bay Area Rapid Transit’s customer love story for Valentine’s Day; Apple’s virtual reality operating system, realityOS; YouTube’s Super Bowl LXI Ad Blitz collection; the Go Viral video game that teaches you to recognize disinformation techniques; Hawaiian Tropic’s crappy marketing; the reputational signals generated by Spotify’s Joe Rogan controversy; the fallen prestige of Forbes; Edelman’s Trust Barometer; and much, much more.

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Best Practices

Bart Guy & Bart Girl

In an example of great marketing, in advance of Valentine’s Day, Bay Area Rapid Transit published the story of two people who met on an empty train platform and ended up marrying.

Apple realityOS

The long-rumored Apple headset could have a new OS.

YouTube Super Bowl Ad Blitz

Watch all the SuperBowl ads and teasers on YouTube.

How To Diseminate Fake News

Researchers at Cambridge University have developed a video game which teaches people how to spread misinformation about Covid-19.

Worst Practices

Literally Crappy Marketing

Hawaiian Tropic scented poop bags are a stinking example of truly crappy marketing.

Spotify Controversy: Digital Reputation Signals

What reputational signals do online behavior send aglorithms?

“Forbes Contributor” Prestige Is Over

There goes “Forbes contributor” as a bragging point.


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