Great COVID-19 Unfluencing

The Great COVID-19 Unfluencing

Episode 306 – May 3, 2020


  • Press Freedom Day
  • NFL’s Virtual Draft
  • NY’s Stay The F*ck Home Festival
  • Budweiser’s Wassup Sequel
  • The Verification Handbook
  • Apple TV+ Defines Home
  • Billboards For Doctors
  • Successful Email Signoffs
  • Meet Google Meet
  • The Great Unfluencing
  • Unfiltered Zoom Meetings
  • Misery Loves Company
  • Frankenstein Live!
  • Voice Explosion
  • Defining SMBs
  • The Burn-In Catastrophe
  • Daytime Streaming Statistics

During episode 306, BL and David discuss the effect COVID-19 has had on the Influencer economy; the leaders weighing in on #PressFreedomDay; how the NFL conducted its first-ever virtual draft; New York City’s Stay The F*ck Home festival; Budweiser’s coronavirus-inspired sequel to the notorious Whassup Super Bowl commercial; the Verification Handbook is now free for all; Apple TV+’s new docuseries Home; billboards saluting doctors; successful email signature signoffs; meet Google Meet, now available to everyone; what honest Zoom meetings would look like; unemployed special effects; Frankestein Live; the coming voice tech explosion; the definition of small- and medium-sized businesses; the coming burn-in catastrophe; daytime streaming statistics;..and much, much more.

Best Practices

World Press Freedom

Sunday was #WorldPressFreedomDay and world leaders weighed in.

We discussed these tweets about #WorldPressFreedomDay during Episode 306:— Beyond Social Media (@BSMediaShow) May 5, 2020

NFL’s Virtual Draft

The NFL held its first-ever amateur draft conducted entirely via teleconferencing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It shattered viewership records.

Stay The F*ck Home hosted a live-streamed Stay the F*ck Home Festival on May 1.

Budweiser’s Wassup Sequel

Budweiser has updated its notorious Whassup Super Bowl commercial for the coronavirus age.

Verification Handbook

The new Verification Handbook for Disinformation and Media Manipulation is online and available for free.


Apple TV+’s new docuseries is a fascinating exploration of the concept of the living space we call “home.”

Billboards For Doctors

See the brilliance of this simple, yet powerful outdoor campaign.

Thanks In Advance

Email signoffs expressing gratitude work.

Meet Google Meet

Anybody with a Google account will now be able to use Google Meet videoconferencing to create free meetings that can last any amount of time for up to 100 people.

Screenshot: Google Meet

Bye, Bye, Influencer?

The COVID-19 pandemic has decimated some areas of the influencer economy while forcing some much-needed realism on other areas.

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Zoom Unflitered

This is the Zoom Call you’d be taking part in if there were absolutely no filter.

Misery Loves Company

Things are so bad that even special effects are out of work.

Frankenstein Live!

National Theatre’s production of Frankenstein featuring Benedict Cumberbatch as Victor Frankenstein and Jonny Lee Miller as the creature available for one week on YouTube.

Voice Explosion

As consumer usage of voice assistants continues to skyrocket, the companies behind those assistants look for business models to monetize all that voice.

Worst Practices

Defining SMBs

Publicis’ new offering called The Pact, offers clients a 100 percent refund should it fail to deliver on specific business outcomes.


Cyberwar expert P.W. Singer says the pandemic has raised the stakes on AI, automation and content moderation.

Shiny New Stuff

BL’s Finds

  • New Yorker podcast recommendations – one or two really interesting podcasts are now listed in each issue.
  • Bubble – no code web apps

David’s Finds

VidIQ let’s you save replies to common questions/comments as templates.

Pro Tips

David’s Pro Tip

Don’t share a link to a SlideShare presentation in LinkedIn’s new Featured tool. It will over compress your cover photo making it look blurry. Upload a PDF of your presentation instead and you’ll get a high-definition cover photo.

Screenshot: LinkedIn Featured Slideshare Link

Weekly Numbers

COVID-19 Streaming Video Behavior

The increase in daytime viewing more clearly reflects the boost in stay-at-home behavior: the 10AM to 5PM window increased 39 percent between March 9 and 23.

Chart: Pandemic Video Streaming By Daypart