Walmart Drive-Ins

Episode 318 - August 7, 2020


  • Citing Content Creators
  • Microsoft's Interest In TikTok
  • YouTube Filter Bubbles
  • WordPress Auto-Updates
  • Roger Federer's Rooftop Tennis Appearance
  • Google's Messy Middle Customer Journey
  • Ad Agency's Diversity Disclosures
  • Google News In Context
  • Zoombombers Hack Twitter Hack Trial
  • Disastrous Branding Mistranslation
  • Trump's "Clean" Interent
  • Valuable B2B Salesperson Traits

Best Practices

Citing Content Creators

When the Lincoln Project tweeted a video edited to make it appear that Donald Trump was interviewing himself, they asked “Who made this? It’s genius.”

Why Microsoft?

At first glance, a Microsoft acquisition of TikTok seems a little unusual.

YouTube Filter Bubble

This filter bubble simulator lets you see how six different personas see recommended videos in their YouTube feeds.

WordPress Auto-Updates

A new WordPress feature that will allow automatic updating of plugins and themes.

Roger Federer’s Beautiful Rooftop Game

Pasta Brand Barilla arranged a once-in-a-lifetime surprise match with Roger Federer for two young Italian girls who rooftop tennis video went viral.

The Messy Middle

The way people make decisions is messy — and it’s only getting messier. Still, there are a few things we know about purchase behavior. We know that what happens between trigger and purchase decision-making is not linear.

Retail Drive-In Theaters

Walmart will have drive-in movies in 160 of its parking lots from Aug 21 to Oct 21, with family-friendly films curated by Tribeca Film Featival.

Disclosing Diversity Data

In the wake of George Floyd's killing and nationwide protests that followed, 32 Minnesota ad agencies have promised to disclose their racial employment data and hire more people of color in the hopes of having a staff that more closely reflects society's diversity.

Google News In Context

Google appears to be experimenting with a new “for context” feature in Google News that links to a second, broader story on the same topic.

Worst Practices


The judge in the court hearing of the Florida teen accused of masterminding the recent Twitter hack neglected to set a password or lock the Zoom meeting, which was taken over by a PornHub video and a bunch of screamers.

Branding Mistranslation

Canada’s Hell’s Basement and a shop in Wellington both thought the word ‘huruhuru’ meant ‘feather’ – they were wrong.

Trump's "Clean" Internet

Mike Pompeo published the trump administrations’s bonkers plan to build a Chinese style digital wall around the U.S. internet.

Shiny New Stuff

B.L.'s Finds

David's Finds

  • Cameo - Hire a celebrity to record a personalized message that you can give to someone.


Donald Trump Is The Dumbest Man in America

Brilliant edit of the Jonathan Swan/AXIOS interview that shows trump interviewing himself with his little 3rd grade charts that he can’t read.

Pro Tips

Voice-Activated Browsers

Browser add-on so you can use Voice commands with Firefox on the desktop.

Weekly Numbers

Traits B2B Buyers Value In Salespeople

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