TikTok Surveillance

Episode 319 - August 15, 2020


  • Petbot
  • Precision Snail Mail
  • Recommendation Power
  • Limited Twitter Replies
  • Scribd Acquires SlideShare
  • Baby Nut Grows Up
  • Shady Apple News+
  • Recommendation Engine Tactics

Best Practices


MOFLIN is an adorable, fuzzy, AI robotic pet that behaves like a real pet, without the allergic reactions.

Weather-Triggered Direct Mail

One day after an intense hailstorm, David received two pieces of direct mail from a roofing repair company and from Anderson Windows for a discount on window replacement.

Twitter Fixes Reply Guy Problem

You can now limit who is allowed to respond to your tweets, which Twitter says is helping reduce harassment.


LinkedIn’s SlideShare is being sold to Scribd, an acquisition that will significantly expand the company’s digital library.

Worst Practices

Baby Nut Grows Up

Remember Baby Nut? He’s now Nut Jr, and he’s 21.

Shady Apple News+

Apple is redirecting search engine traffic away from publishers' sites to its own news app.

TikTok Surveillance

For 15 months, until Nov 2019, TikTok was skirting Google privacy controls by using an extra layer of encryption to collect unique identifiers from millions of Android mobile devices. The data that allows the app to track users online without allowing them to opt out.


Vacation Simulating Machine

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