Careful With That Tweet

Episode 311 - June 11, 2020


  • Twitter Says Read Before You Tweet
  • Twitter Lists Get Cover Photos
  • Google Gives News Grants
  • Email Engagement Behavior
  • Adopting Dogs By Zoom
  • KSTP TV's Nightcast
  • LEGO Maniacs
  • Jason Calacanis Wants A New Facebook
  • P&G: It’s Time to be Anti-Racist
  • Google Scrolls Your Page
  • Twitter's Trump Fail
  • Google Cheapskate Ad Credits
  • Email Signature Objectives

Best Practices

Read Before You Tweet

Twitter says Sharing an article can spark conversation, so you may want to read it before you Tweet it.

Twitter Lists Get Banners

Now you can add a custom banner to sit atop your Twitter lists.

Google Supports Local News

Google is giving 5,300 local newsrooms around the world grants of $5,000 - $30,00 to survive the pandemic.

Email Engagement

Campaign Monitor surveyed 400 consumers on how they want to engage with brands through email.

Table: Likelihood To Purchase From Email

Meet Dogs On Zoom

Pedigree is teaming up with shelters to have video chats where you can meet and adopt a dog.

Longer Form KSTP TV Newscast

KSTP TV in Minneapolis has begun to produce five to six four-minute segments rather than the twenty-plus brief headlines stuffed into a half-hour broadcast for their 10 pm slot.

LEGO Maniacs

The Brick Wall makes videos of their outrageous LEGO creations, including machines that make tacos, fruit plates and potatoes.

Jason Calacanis: Quit Facebook!

Startup investor Jason Calacanis urged Facebook and Instagram users to leave the social media platforms and announced plans to fund alternatives.

P&G: It’s Time to be Anti-Racist

Procter & Gamble continues its “Take on Race” initiative with an introspective call to action aimed at people who don’t usually speak up about systemic racism and police violence.

Google Scrolls

Google will now automatically scroll to relevant sections of your webpage for some search engine visitors.

Worst Practices

Twitter #FAILs On Trump Tweets

Cheapskate Google

Travel companies that have been devastated by the coronavirus pandemic are calling for Google to do more.


Interview With Katsura Sunshine

BL interviews the only non-Japanese Master of the ancient art of comedic Rakugo storytelling in the last 100 years.


The Meidas Touch

Anti-Trump ads by three brothers -  an attorney for Colin Kaepernick, an editor for Ellen and an agency pro - are generating views by the millions.

Citizen Journalism Covers Police Brutality

A group of activist researchers have committed themselves to a major challenge: collecting as many videos of alleged police misconduct during the protests as possible.

Pro Tips

How To Build A Mailing List Before Launching Your Newsletter

Weekly Numbers

What Marketers Want To Get From Their Email Signatures

66% say they rely on their corporate email as their main source of interaction with customers and prospects.

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