QAnon & Anon & Anon

Episode 326 - October 9, 2020


  • Back To The Pandemic Future
  • Ghost Kitchens
  • Laborious Retweets
  • Library Of Congress Search
  • Refreshipedia
  • Telepath
  • How To Quash The Q
  • Facebook Purges Q
  • The Consequences Of A Digital Cult
  • Brand Activism Statistics

Best Practices

Explaining The Pandemic To My Past Self

Series of videos explaining what we’re going through to our past selves has gone wildly viral, with millions of views and is hilarious.

Laborious Retweets

The changes will alter the look and feel of Twitter, increasing the amount of time a user must spend to retweet someone else’s comment.

Library Of Congress Newspaper Search


Wikipedia, the only encyclopedia kids have ever known, is getting a new look to make it easier to navigate. It’s the first re-design in a decade.

GIF: Wikipedia Under Construction


How a team of former Quora employees are using lessons learned from Twitter in an effort to make social networking fun again.

How To Quash The Q

Two years ago, Reddit had the internet’s biggest QAnon problem. Today, that problem is gone—but the company can’t really explain why.

Worst Practices

Facebook Purges The Q

Facebook says it has completely banned QAnon across all of its platforms, calling it a “militarized social movement.” But it hasn’t actually done that.

Surreal Nightmare

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