McDonald's Travis Scott Meal

Episode 323 - September 19, 2020


  • Voting's A Snap
  • Stop-Motion McDonald's
  • Swisher's Sway
  • Logo Fonts
  • YouTube Shorts
  • Facebook Knew
  • No YouTube Multitasking
  • VR Time

Best Practices

World's Greatest CEO?

In 2015, Dan Price, the CEO of Gravity Payments, a credit card processing company, raised everyone’s base pay to $70K.

McDonald’s Channels Robot Chicken

That Travis Scott Meal looks awfully familiar.

Snap The Vote

Last week, Snapchat rolled out a slate of voting tools, including a feature for users to register to vote directly in the app.


Logofonts reveals the fonts that are used in some of the world’s biggest brands, from Nike to Spotify to YouTube.

Swisher’s Sway

Times Opinion is teaming up with Kara Swisher on a new podcast about power and influence.

Pottymouth Patagonia

Patagonia Clothing Tags Ask Customers To “Vote the Assholes Out.”

Worst Practices


BuzzFeed obtained the 6,600-word internal memo from a former Facebook data scientist that exposes how the social network knew about specific examples of global political manipulation with fake accounts — and failed to act.

No YouTube Multitasking

Picture-in-picture still works on iPad for free and paid users, though.


Shiny New Stuff

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