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Welcome To The Beyond Social Media Show!

The Beyond Social Media Show is a weekly video podcast broadcast live on YouTube every week and available on demand at YouTube, and wherever you subscribe to podcasts.

Co-Hosts B.L. Ochman and David Erickson address all aspects of advertising, marketing, public relations and media in an irreverent, fast-paced style. The Beyond Social Media Show follows the following format:

  • Worst marketing stories of the week
  • Best marketing stories of the week
  • Shiny new tools
  • The Daily Numbers

Each episode is roughly 45 minutes long. The video and audio of each episode is posted shortly after the live broadcast to this blog, along with links to all the stories, tools, and statistics that were discussed.

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Reviews Of The Beyond Social Media Show Podcast

Larry Chase's Top Digital Marketing Podcasts

This video series takes the podcast concept and turns it into a Google+ Hangout, featuring a triple threat of marketing pros: B.L. Ochman (What's Next), Albert Maruggi (Provident Partners) and David Erickson (eStrategy).

One of the main attractions of each show is the opening segment, "What Went Wrong" (usually followed by "What Went Right"). The hosts dissect the most egregious errant Tweets, Facebook posts or blog boo-boos.

They also review their favorite new marketing resources such as apps, Social Media Marketing tools, infographics and statistics.

Although the 30-minute episodes are more loosely organized than other podcast series, the topics all focus on Social Media's impact on marketing, consumers, branding and society.

Reviews On iTunes

Beyond Social Media

By Scott in Seattle - Hugely entertainining and always relevant, there's no better place to get news about the best of/worst of social media, learn about fun or useful apps, and business stats. I've watched the Beyond Social Meida show as a Google Hnagout on Air for over a year now, and have made it a Saturday morning ritual. Now I can listen to it as a Podcast anytime. This is way cool Trust me, this is one program you'll want to check it out. From iTunes.


By Audio Book Listener - I'm a fan. Very current (much more up to date than I am). Entertaining and informative. From iTunes.

Give It A Listen

By @KrisJensen - The Google Hangout is an intriguing concept for the show, but for true podcast listeners the show translates equally well to audio. Great information and great energy from the hosts. Give it a listen. From iTunes.

Reviews On Stitcher

Relevant, Smart, Clever, Insightful-And Fun

By StephenB - "Try it. You'll like it."

You know the phrase, but unlike the back-handed message delivered by way of the 1971 Wells, Rich, Greene commercial for Alka-Seltzer, if you try this podcast you WILL like it. BL Ochman and David Erickson deliver a blend of entertainment and current information in a fast-paced program that originates from NYC (Ochman) and Minneapolis (Erickson).

Seeing their interaction is akin to watching two old friends talking at a party or visiting on the phone. It's magic.

Put the podcast on your calendar. You'll like it. From Stitcher.

Informative & Engaging Social Media Podcast

By Caroline - I'm so happy to have discovered this gem! As a PR professional responsible for incorporating social media into my promotional mix, this information is invaluable. I love the round up style because social media moves fast and it's hard to keep track of it ll. This podcast hits on all the must-know topics of the week in an interesting, upbeat and insightful way. From Stitcher.