Estée Lauder's Cosmic Product Shoot

Episode 325 - October 3, 2020


  • Estée Lauder's Photo Shoot
  • NASA's Space Toilet
  • Google Pays Publishers
  • Speedy WordPress
  • Google On Hold Service
  • Social Media Paparazzi
  • Home Surveillance Drone
  • FancyBear Returns
  • LAPD’s Surveillance System
  • Twitter Crop
  • People Also Ask Stats

Best Practices

Estée Lauder's Space Shoot

In a bid to stand out in a crowded field, the beauty giant will use the International Space Station as a marketing prop.

Google Plays Publishers

Google is launching Google News Showcase, that will collectively pay some $1 billion to news publishers in licensing fees “to create and curate high-quality content” for new story panels that will appear on Google News.

Speedy WordPress

Cloudflare launches new Automatic Platform Optimization (APO) service for WordPress.

Google On Hold

On the new Pixel phone, Google Assistant will hold on for you when you call an 800 number and notify you when you can talk to a person.

TikTok Paparazzi

Fletcher Greene has taken traditional paparazzi methods and applied them to social media, with huge results.

Home Surveillance Drone

The Always Home Cam is an ambitious new home security device.


Baby Yoda Kitty

The Force must have been with a kitten rescued in a Northern California wildfire as the feline bears a striking resemblance to Baby Yoda.

Worst Practices

Fancy Bear Returns

A warning that unidentified hackers broke into an agency of the US federal government and stole its data is troubling enough.

Los Angeles' Police Department's Surveillance System

Newly revealed documents show how Los Angeles police were trained to use the flagship product of the most secretive company in law enforcement.

Twitter's Biased Cropper

Twitter apologized in September after users noticed that it’s photo cropping tool seemed to favor white faces over black and brown faces.

Shiny New Stuff

B.L.'s Finds

  • Tweet Deleter - It has access to Twitter’s API, so it can actually erase your most recent 3200 tweets.
  • TubeBuddy - A free Chrome, Firefox and Edge browser extension & mobile app that integrates directly into YouTube to help you run your channel.

David's Finds


Kellyanne Conway’s Daughter Broke The News That She Has Covid

Former White House counselor Kellyanne Conway confirmed on Friday that she’s contracted covid-19 after her 15-year-old daughter broke the news in a series of TikToks revealing her mother’s positive diagnosis and denouncing President Donald Trump.

Save Lindsey (Not)

A Project Lincoln campaign mocked Lindsay Graham begging for money on Hannity. It was a riot.

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