Domino's & Stranger Things Brand Partnership

Episode 378 - May 22, 2022


  • Stranger Pizza
  • Virtual Product Placements
  • Crypto Says Eat It
  • LEGO Starry Night
  • Taco Bell Oil Painting
  • Livestreamed Mass Murder
  • Instablecoin
  • GrubHub's Costly Lunch
  • ShipGo...To Hell
  • Invisible Generation X
  • Podcast Use Stats

Best Practices

Stranger Pizza

A new Domino’s app places consumers virtually within Stranger Things’ Hawkins National Laboratory, where they can order a pizza using facial gestures.

Virtual Product Placements

Both Amazon Prime Video and NBCU’s Peacock have unveiled beta programs that allow products to be inserted into already released media.

Coinbase Tells Haters To Eat Their Words

In its first ad since the Super Bowl, Crypto exchange Coinbase has a message for everyone declaring that crypto is dead: It's heard this before.

Starry Bricks

On May 25, the LEGO Group is releasing The Starry Night set, a specially designed kit that replicates the blue-and-yellow painting with LEGO bricks.

Taco Bell Oil Painting

Artist Noah Verrier, who holds a Master of Fine Arts and whose works have been exhibited around the world, has taken Twitter by storm with his Taco Bell oil painting.

Worst Practices

Mass Shooting Videos Are Still On Social Platforms

Dozens of recordings of a 2019 massacre in Christchurch, New Zealand, remain online, in a sobering reminder of the internet’s permanence.


Investors have withdrawn more than $7 billion from tether since it briefly dropped from its dollar peg.

GrubHub’s Free Lunch Fail

GrubHub vastly underestimated the number of New Yorkers who’d want free lunch. 'Hangry' customers took to Twitter to complain of orders that arrived late or not at all.

ShipGo...To Hell Commercial

The Most GenX Tweet In The History Of Twitter


Hanger Reflex

The hangar reflex is making the rounds on the Internet. Apparently when you open a wire hanger and put it on your head, you automatically turn your head away from the hangers hook in an involuntary motion.

Shiny New Stuff

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