Apple Developers Conference Updates

Apple Developer Conference Updates

Episode 313 – June 22, 2020


  • Apple Developer Conference Updates
  • Google Keen
  • Google Image Fact Check
  • Facebook Ad Boycott
  • Devin Nunes Cow Wins
  • YouTube Shoppable Ads
  • Pandora Podcast Analytics
  • Facebook Harbors Hate
  • Creepy Covid Masks
  • Mobile Messaging App Stats

During episode 313, BL and David discuss the most siginficant announcements to come out of Apple’s 2020 Developer Conference; Keen, Google’s new social collaboration tool; Google Images fact checks; Patagonia joins the growing Facebook advertising boycott; Devin Nunes’ Cow wins in court; YouTube introduces shoppable commercials; Pandora introduces analytics for podcasters; Facebook continues to harbor hate; some Covid-19 masks that are creepy AF; mobile messaging app stats;..and much, much more.

Best Practices

Apple WWDC Updates

Apple Worldwide Developers Conference was free this year and many changes announced – most notably in privacy.

Google Keen

To the extent that tech pundits continue to compare Google’s new Keen search and social discovery site to Pinterest, and users also think of it that way, it’s probably destined to fail. Google famously doesn’t promote and ultimately shutters most of these “experiments.”

Logo: Keen

Google Image Check

In an effort to curb the spread of misinformation on its platform, Google said Monday it would begin to fact-check Google Images search results.

Facebook Ad Boycott

The brands will no longer advertise on Facebook or Instagram in July.

Devin Nunes’ Cow Wins

A judge has ruled that Rep. Devin Nunes has no right to sue Twitter over statements made by a fake Internet cow, someone parodying his mother and a Republican strategist.

YouTube Shoppable Ads

YouTube announced a new direct response ad format that will make YouTube video ads more “shoppable” by adding browsable product images underneath the ad to drive traffic directly to brands’ product pages.

Pandora Podcast Analytics

a new set of visually-driven data analytics tools that provide podcast creators with even more insights into their audience on Pandora.

Worst Practices

Facebook Harbors Hate

Despite removing some Boogaloo groups, there are still dozens of pages on Facebook, according to the Washington Post.

Creepy Medical Masks

A producer in Gandhinagar, India, has created a system that allows you to print the bottom half of your own face on to a mask – so when you wear it, it still looks like you.

LinkedIn Brand Fight

When data company Yellowbrick promoted its data center on Linkedin today, IBM slapped back with this caption about its Netezza database: “Yellow brick roads are for fairy tales. Netezza. There’s no place like home.”

Shiny New Stuff

David’s Finds

  • Squadcast – Easy to use audio podcating tool that offers a seven-day free trial
  • Google Analytics Resources – 48 videos, blogs, YouTube channels, tools and Google Analytics experts


Twitter Suspends Trump Meme Maker

Twitter permanently suspended prominent pro-Trump meme-maker Logan Cook, who goes by the internet handle “CarpeDonktum,” on Tuesday afternoon, citing multiple copyright violations.

K-Pop & TikTok Punk Trump

K-Pop fans and TikTok teens snapped up thousands of tickets to Trump’s Tulsa rally.

Pro Tips

Social Media House Cleaning

You can mass delete old Facebook posts, but you have to remove Instagram and Tweets manually.

Weekly Numbers

Mobile Messaging