Advertising Adapts To COVID-19

Advertising Adapts To COVID-19

Episode 303 – April 11, 2020


  • Dispensing Hope
  • Essential Needs
  • God Save The City
  • Advertising Adapts
  • Apple Shields
  • Stay The F*@! Home
  • Remote SNL
  • DIY Shake Shack
  • Google Highlights Help
  • Found Object Art
  • Reading Hope
  • John Prine
  • Emojis Delayed
  • Facebook Couples
  • Pause Campaigns
  • B2B Marketing Budgets

During Episode 303, BL and David discuss an incredible video produced from one of Mark Schaefer’s podcast episodes; rethinking marketing communcations in light of Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs; the song God Save The City, a message of gratitude to those at the frontlines of the fight against coronavirus; how advertising is adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic; Apple’s retooling to make medical face shields; Samuel L. Jackson reads Stay The F*** Home; Dancing With COVID; Saturday Night Live returns…remotely; Shake Shack’s DIY burger; Google Maps highlights help; found object art; seven days of hope; the loss of John Prine; postponed emojis; Facebook keeps wanting you to use its ‘Tinder’; pausing campaigns;..and much, much more.

Best Practices

Dispensing Hope

Carole Alalouf made this incredible video from one of Mark Schaefer’s podcast episodes.

Bottom Of The Pyramid

Consumer psychology has changed dramatically in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Abraham Maslow's Hierachy Of Needs

God Save The City

A message of gratitude to those on the front lines.

Advertising Adapts to COVID-19

Four examples of how advertisers are adapting to the new reality of a global virus pandemic.

Carvana Commercial

Jeep’s Same Day

Julia Louis-Dreyfus #StayHome PSA

Apple Delivers

The company is shipping the first one million this week.

Apple is dedicated to supporting the worldwide response to COVID-19. We’ve now sourced over 20M masks through our supply chain. Our design, engineering, operations and packaging teams are also working with suppliers to design, produce and ship face shields for medical workers.— Tim Cook (@tim_cook) April 5, 2020

Sam Jackson Says Stay The F Home

Samuel L. Jackson reads Adam Mansbach’s new book, Stay The F*@# Home.

#DistanceDance for COVID Aid

#DistanceDance, now seen by more than 8 billion people, thousands of whom have contributed videos – includes the social media star power of Charli D’Amelio, the most followed content creator on TikTok.

SNL Returns

Saturday Night Live returns from hiatus to world transformed by physical distancing.

DIY Shake Shack

Shake Shack launched ‘DIY burger kits’ with a free cooking tutorial. Now everyone stuck at home could recreate their legendary Shackburger.

Google Highlights Help

Google Maps is highlighting nearby stores that offer takeout and/or delivery as well as healthcare providers that provide telehealth services.

Found Art

Pick your favorite art, find three things lying around your house, and use them to recreate the artwork.

We challenge you to recreate a work of art with objects (and people) in your home.

🥇 Choose your favorite artwork
🥈 Find three things lying around your house⠀
🥉 Recreate the artwork with those items

And share with us.— Getty (@GettyMuseum) March 25, 2020
Madonna and child.— Getty (@GettyMuseum) March 25, 2020
We challenge you to recreate a work of art with objects (and people) in your home.

🥇 Choose your favorite artwork
🥈 Find three things lying around your house⠀
🥉 Recreate the artwork with those items

And share with us.— Getty (@GettyMuseum) March 25, 2020
Edward Burne-Jones, Temperantia— Suzanne King (@thesuzeum) March 30, 2020

7 Days Of Hope

Trina Paulus, author of Hope for the Flowers, will be reading a chapter from her wonderful book each night at 7 p.m. EST April 13-19 – in an effort to give us all hope during the pandemic.

Worst Practices

Pause Emojis

We might not get to use the next new set of emoji until sometime in early 2022.

Frowning Emoji

Losing John Prine

COVID-19 claims a musical genius.

John Prine John Prine at MerleFest (2006). Photo by Ron Baker.
Songwriting hero, John Prine, has passed at age 73 due to complications from COVID-19. He will be deeply missed ❤️— cmt (@CMT) April 8, 2020
If you’ve never heard it — or if you have — here’s @springsteen & @JohnPrineMusic together, from Prine’s Grammy-winning ‘The Missing Years’ LP— Backstreets Magazine (@backstreetsmag) April 8, 2020
Over here on E Street, we are crushed by the loss of John Prine. John and I were "New Dylans" together in the early 70s and he was never anything but the lovliest guy in the world. A true national treasure and a songwriter for the ages. We send our love and prayers to his family.— Bruce Springsteen (@springsteen) April 8, 2020

Maybe Take A Look At Your Ad Campaigns?

Screenshot: Hotel Meeting Space Ad During Coronavirus Pandemic

Shiny New Stuff

BL’s Finds

Flying Tiger includes downloadable coloring sheets, puzzles and more.

Chrome Music Lab is a website that makes learning music more accessible through fun, hands-on experiments.

How will we know if we’ve “flattened the curve” in the United States? What are the best sources for news about the coronavirus right now? How is this outbreak different than what we’ve seen before?

David’s Finds

Weekly Numbers

How B2B Marketing Budgets Are Effected By COVID-19

Aggregage, Inc., the publisher of B2B Marketing Zone and more than 40 other B2B publications, surveyed more than 450 B2B marketing professionals about how they expect to adjust their marketing plans because of the pandemic.

Chart: Impact of COVID-19 on 2020 Marketing Budgets