Mucinex Fashion Show

Episode 328 - October 24, 2020


  • LEGO Solving
  • Voice Activated Museum
  • Mucinex Sickwear
  • AMC's Private Cinemas
  • Humming Music Search
  • Racism Bots
  • Google's Revamped Analytics Suite
  • Snopes Faked
  • Trump Hacked
  • Fake Patriotism
  • Facebook Misinformation
  • Instagram Stories Reach

Best Practices

Lego Rebuilds The World

Lego is on a global mission to promote creative problem-solving in children.

Lego - Rebuild the World

Voice-Activated Museum

Planet Word is the world’s first voice recognition powered museum. It’s a museum where we want to put people into an active state.

Mucinex Influencer Fashion Show

Mucinex’ Limited-edition collection will launch in a YouTube fashion show modeled by influencers.

Private Cinemas

AMC Theatres joins a handful of cinemas letting customers rent out auditoriums for private screenings -- a growing trend due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Google's Humming Search Engine

Google is using AI and Machine Learning to match a person’s humming to the correct song. It’s in the Google app.

Hum To Search

Anti-Racist Bots

Hate speech is rampant in subreddits—but automated bots and browser plug-ins are (sort of) fighting back.

Google's Revamped Analytics Suit

How to think about Google Analytics 4.

Worst Practices

Snopes Faked

This month on the anonymous internet 4Chan, operation “Snopes-Piercer,” a smear campaign was created and circulated of doctored screenshots of Snopes fact checks to make it appear as if Snopes fact-checkers addressed claims that they had not.

NFL's Fake Patriotism

FOX’s Joe Buck and Troy Aikman were caught on a hot mic ridiculing the NFL’s continued faux patriotism is, just weeks from Election Day.

Facebook Misinfo

People are engaging and sharing with misinformation on Facebook even more now than in 2016. The conundrum for Facebook and other social media platforms is that they rely on viral content for the ads that support their business.


102-Year-Old Skydiver

A 102 year-old WWll veteran celebrated her birthday by going skydiving for the first time last weekend. She calls it the thrill of a lifetime.

Shiny New Stuff

B.L.'s Finds

  • Audiense - A Twitter audience segmentation tool.
  • Same day Google Photo Prints - Google Photos users in the US can now also get same-day photo prints at Walgreens, in addition to CVS and Walmart.

David's Finds

  • Tool reveals top spenders on Facebook political ads - The NYU Tandon Online Transparency Project is bringing transparency to political advertising with the newly launched, first-of-its-kind tool designed to help reporters, researchers, thought leaders, policy makers, and the general public easily analyze political ads on Facebook ahead of the 2020 US elections.
  • NYU Ad Observatory
  • - Social video creation tool
Inverted 24 Cent Stamp


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