Burger King's Poop Emoji Ice Cream

Episode 374 - March 26, 2022


  • Ukraine NFTs
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger's Conversational Receptiveness
  • Video Essays On YouTube
  • Sting's Hiring Chain
  • Burger King's Poopy Ice Cream
  • Goodbye Google Analytics
  • A TikTok Takedown
  • Why People Purchase Sustainably

Best Practices

Ukraine NFTs

Ukraine started auctioning off a collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on Friday in an expansion of a cryptocurrency fundraising push that Kyiv says has already collected more than $65 million for its war effort.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Video & Conversational Receptiveness

Arnold Schwarzenegger's video addressing the Russian people was so effective because he demonstrated empathy and conversational receptivity.

Hour Long Video Essays Are Hot On YouTube

Hour-long YouTube videos are thriving in the TikTok era. Their popularity reflects our desire for more nuanced content online.

Sting Drops The Hiring Chain

By hiring someone with Down syndrome, you start a virtuous chain: the more that people with Down Syndrome are seen at work, the more they’ll be recognized as valuable employees, and the more they’ll be hired.

Worst Practices

Burger King Poop Emoji Ice Cream

Burger King has added a new item to its menu in Brazil—poop ice cream. The new cone is fashioned to look like the adorable emoji, a smiling pile of poo.

Goodbye Google Universal Analytics

Google announces plans to sunset the previous generation of Google Analytics, known as Universal Analytics, in July 2023.

A Botched TikTok Takedown

@Hattie.rowe was asked by multi-level marketing company Monat to take down a TikTok video of hers that called the company a pyramid scheme.


Pro Tips

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